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    Some Things You Just Shouldn’t DIY - Managed Print Services Included

    By: Dan Larkin
    May 21, 2018

    why_managed_print_services.pngThere’s a lot of DIY advice and information available these days. Just type How do I ____? into a search engine and you will probably find a dozen or more articles and videos. Although DIY (do it yourself) projects can be fun and successful, there are some things best left to the professionals. An obvious one is plumbing; always hire a licensed plumber. Another is print services.

    Even if you have a history of success with setting up new devices, installing drivers and trouble shooting, the days of managing non-networked printers individually have come to an end. We are now talking about print environments - networked printers that are smart, multi-functional and equipped with their own hard drives. With the increased sophistication of today's print technology, it may be time to step away from printer management and leave it to the experts. 

    The case against DIY

    Now, anyone can buy print management software, and they might even be able to install it. But actually implementing it and configuring it correctly is not easy. We see a lot of clients who get frustrated with it and don’t get the results they were hoping for. That’s when they call us for a print audit.

    Marco has the resources to install, implement and monitor the print environments of businesses of all sizes. A few facts about us:

    • We have 95 percent retention rates for our clients
    • We maintain 94 percent client satisfaction
    • We have more than a decade of experience in MPS
    • We have 700+ service technicians
    • We do not outsource our support desk function

    MPS Software Capabilities

    There are several different types of managed print services software, and a print audit will help determine which software is best for your business. One type of print management software is a data collection agent. It scours the network, finds all the printers and monitors them. This software can find out page counts for each printer and supply levels on the cartridges. This software also automatically generates an alert to Marco’s support desk when the toner cartridge is getting low. That will trigger an order to automatically ship the cartridge with all the relevant information about which printer the cartridge is for.

    Another type of software digs deeper into the print environment and can assist with behavior modification. In an educational institution, for example, a program like Papercut can track the printing of a single student for the year. If they go over their limit, the college can send them a bill for the extra costs.

    This more sophisticated software also gives the ability to do secure printing. That’s particularly important in places like hospitals and law firms. It also gives you “follow me” printing so you can send a print job to any printer location knowing it won't print until you release it from the queue.

    Your Managed Print Services Team

    In addition to a large pool of resources, we also have teams of professionals dedicated to supporting our managed print services offering. These are the ones who get up every morning thinking about how to better serve our clients' printing needs. 

    • Installation Team: These technicians ensure you have an efficient, functioning print environment and understand how to use it.

    • Help Desk & Service Team: These individuals respond to your day-to-day support needs and troubleshoot issues as they arise. On-site technicians are dispatched when necessary.

    • Account Management Team: These Marco representatives maintain the relationship with our clients and act as a customer advocate. They will also conduct a regular business review to ensure optimal performance is maintained.

    Who would want to DIY their print environment when they could have Marco's expertise on their side? View our customer case study collection to learn more:

    Want Proof Managed Print Services Works Get the Case Study Collection

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