What Is a Client Business Review and How Does It Benefit My Business?

By: Trevor Akervik
September 11, 2019

The client business review forms a very important component of a managed services partnership. It provides an ongoing, inside look at not only what services we’re providing, but a clear picture of how those services are being provided. So, let’s start at the beginning…

What Is a Client Business Review? 

Marco’s Managed Services are much more than just a break/fix technology service. Our clients rely on us to be technology advisors, and in order to keep our partnership strong, we need an ongoing conversation about what’s working, what’s not working and what goals a business is working towards. A client business review is how we ensure that happens.

Two businessmen discussing information at a table. A client business review (CBR) occurs every six months throughout a managed services partnership. During the CBR, a client sits down with their technology advisor to discuss various insights and metrics relative to the service(s) they’re receiving. 

The Day of the Meeting

At your first CBR — and each one after it — you’ll begin by covering your business technology reporting. You see, as we’re monitoring and managing your service(s), we’re also gathering data. This data can provide key insights into how our services are helping you achieve your business initiatives. Some of the areas you’ll discuss include: 

  • Service call history
  • Device performance
  • System performance
  • Managed service agreement details

The discussion will include details about all the monitoring and tracking of your service and demonstrate how it is impacting your businesses. And all the information will be organized in a way that is clear and relevant to you and your business.

The Goal of the Meeting

The client business review provides a set time to discuss metrics, review goals and make any adjustments to your service(s). These ongoing meetings mean you always know what is or isn’t working within your organization and what steps you can take moving forward. In effect, it gives you the capabilities to identify opportunities to improve your business. Moreover, these improvements are fueled by the actual needs of your organization

Although the CBR can be a new experience for some clients, it typically only takes the first one to see how it helps increase the value they gain from our services. Maintaining an ongoing dialogue about the services a client receives ensures we’re always assessing their standing and ensuring that it’s working toward their goals. 

Here at Marco, we’re always looking for ways to improve how your services are delivered, and any trends for improvement we uncover will be brought up at the review. This includes anything from support desk trends to business security concerns — and everything in-between. 

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