M-Files Solution

Why Go M-Files?

M-Files is what we use, and it’s made a tremendous difference for our employees and our clients. Besides making documents easier to store, find and share, M-Files helps you get much more out of your data. 

Advantages of M-Files
  • Simpler, faster workflows
  • Can assign tasks and automatically route documents
  • More integrations and capabilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • Often best for smaller companies 

M-Files Can Help

Document storage
  • Provide a secure environment for your data
  • Create audit trails, and allow you to set permissions
  • Make it easy to find important information
  • Integrate with other enterprise systems, including ERP and CRM
  • Enable users to share information and collaborate easily  
  • Manage customer data, contacts, projects, audits, and more
  • Provide automated backups, archiving, replication, disaster recovery, and compliance support

Scanning and Storage

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Transition from paper files to digital records without spending months rekeying data. Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) technologies can find key terms and associate them with certain documents.

Multiple Formats

Convert paper documents into PDFs or editable Microsoft Word docs.

Send or Store

Email digitized documents and store them securely.

Personalized Workflows

Easily automate different workflows for different users.

Why Marco?

Every provider customizes workflow systems differently. In addition to our technical expertise, our clients often tell us they appreciate our expertise in working with organizations with additional compliance requirements, like health care and government organizations, and law firms.

Our workflow solutions:

  • Let you focus on strategic, value-added tasks
  • Enhance relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Streamline document tracking and approval
  • Synchronize data across multiple applications
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Need Help?

When properly configured, the right ECM solution can work wonders throughout your organization. Our experts will help you identify which tool will give you the most ROI.