Paging and Sound Masking

Dual Functionality

Why do companies need a paging and sound masking system? To notify employees of critical messages, as well as provide a working environment that is conducive to collaboration and productivity.

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Save Time When It Matters Most

Whether you’re trying to make a companywide announcement or alert employees about an emergency, paging is an important tool for your business. Reliable, effective messages can save precious time if an issue arises. 

Paging allows you to pick up the phone to share a message live – or prerecord a message to play if a specific issue arises. Marco’s paging systems can also include bells and alarms – or play music throughout your facility.

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Create An Office Setting Where People Can Get Things Done

Sound masking. It’s something you might not even notice when you walk into an office building, but you’ll definitely notice if it’s missing. Voices carry, phone conversations trail down the halls. It can be distracting in a work environment.

With Marco’s sound masking solutions, eliminate background noise and keep sound inside cubicles instead of circulating around the office. This means people can be more focused and private conversations can remain confidential.

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Need Help?

Paging systems have many different uses – but safety is the biggest benefit. Talk to a Specialist about paging and sound masking options today.