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When you are tasked with finding the best communication solutions for your organization within a specified budget, having the time and resources to navigate the request for proposals (RFP) process isn’t always realistic. Cooperative contracts help educational institutions, government institutions, and nonprofits surpass the RFP process.

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Cooperative Contracts

As you’ll see in the video, cooperative contracts offer a way to simplify this process while guaranteeing that you will get the best price and flexibility to choose your service provider. 



About Sourcewell

Sourcewell is a government agency that has access to national contract volume pricing and value from nationally acclaimed vendors. This access provides organizations and approved entities with high-quality business phone systems while complying with legal and budget requirements.

In addition to being the most competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell contract solicitations give you exclusive access to best-in-class products and the service provider of your choice.

With an Sourcewell contract, custom business phone systems and other collaboration solutions can be designed to meet your organization’s communication requirements. 

By consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations to one national, cooperative shared process, Sourcewell provides the most competitive solicitation to any unit of government, education (K-12 and higher Ed) or nonprofit agency nationwide and in Puerto Rico. 

To participate in Sourcewell and its contracts and services, you must become a member. Memberships are no cost, no obligation and no liability, and there are no minimum contract purchasing requirements or commitments for members. Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Satisfies your competitive solicitation requirement
  • Contract process completed on your behalf - contract #040314-MBS
  • Aggressive and competitive pricing
  • Exceptional product and equipment selections from industry leading and nationally acclaimed vendors
  • Flexibility to choose your equipment, products and services
  • Substantial time and cost savings
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