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Enterprise Content Management

What Is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

ECM is software that manages and organizes your documents and records, creating a virtual library to speed up onboarding and day-to-day workflows.

Why Do You Need It?

Have you ever wasted time searching for a certain document through multiple folders or had to recreate something you accidentally deleted? Multiply how often it happens and how long it takes by your number of staff, and you can start to get a sense of this invisible drain on your productivity.

How ECM Helps Workflows

If your workplace seems to be humming along, but work isn’t getting done in a timely fashion, ECM might be the answer. It not only improves productivity throughout your organization, but also reduces the chances your data will be lost or compromised.

Benefits of ECM

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Central Hub

Establishes a clear destination for document storage and  puts better control measures in place.

Easy Access

Allows employees to more easily access the files they are looking for, when they want them.


Files needed by multiple employees can be accessed from anywhere, on any smart device.

Document Security Systems

Protocols can be established to limit access to sensitive information.

Choose Your ECM: M-Files or OnBase

Marco software specialists can help figure out which ECM is right for you. Plus, we can implement, monitor, and support your ECM solution. Learn about our two Enterprise Content Management solutions: M-Files and OnBase by Hyland.


Besides making documents easier to store, find, and share, M-Files changes the way you interact with your business data. It’s a more efficient way to consolidate information across entire enterprises.

OnBase by Hyland

One platform, unlimited potential. OnBase by Hyland is a single platform enterprise content management system designed to manage your content, documents, and processes. 

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Protect Your Sensitive Documents

Want to push the easy button? Request a free consultation to find out if ECM software can help and which platform might be best.