Video Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras and Much More

Today’s high-definition, IP-based devices are designed to connect critical data to your network. Therefore, your ideal technology partner should specialize in both A/V and IT solutions. Whether you’re looking for a few surveillance cameras or an integrated security system that extends across your entire campus, we can design and install the right solution for your business. 

Benefits of Marco's IP Video Surveillance Systems

High Definition

Surveillance cameras aren’t much help if you can’t see the details of what you’re capturing. We provide high-performance, high-definition security equipment that gives you crisp, clear images.

Scalable Growth

Our hardware and software systems can grow with you. 

Easy Integration

Want to keep your existing hardware? You can. Our video software integrates easily with your existing hardware, legacy systems, and the rest of your network environment.

Simple Management

Get 24/7 access from an easy-to-manage centralized hub.

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Need Help?

Just having a surveillance system in place is a powerful deterrent against theft and other criminal activity. However, it can be tough to spot every vulnerability in your own space. Our specialists will get to know your facilities and give you expert tips on how to secure your business.