Digital Signage

Real-Time Content Displays

Digital signs are easy to update and hard to miss. Feature slideshows, videos, and more with a one-and-done investment that can change along with your message.

Digital signage

Signage Tailored for You

Organizations use digital signage differently. With a bit more information, we can pinpoint the best solution for your business.  

Popular uses of digital signage:

  • Slideshows that feature photos, company information, or welcome messages, and can celebrate employee achievements 
  • Video content, including how-to videos, your history, customer spotlights, and more
  • Interactive maps of your facility that can zoom in and out and provide helpful location descriptions
  • Other custom content, like local news, a stock ticker, sports scores, or road conditions
Lobby screens

Interactive Display Kiosks

Our touch screen kiosks make it easy for guests or customers to navigate, order, pay, and preview items before making a purchase.

Design, Installation, and Cloud Management

Our dedicated digital signage team can design your solution and manage it entirely in the cloud. If your cloud connection is ever disrupted, your sign content won’t be affected.

Marco employee smiling

Need Help?

When you partner with Marco on your digital signage projects, we bring our capabilities and expertise to develop your idea into a solution.