How to Buy

Purchasing Business Technology Solutions Made Easy

Ever wish there was an “easy button” for buying business technology? We know a lot of our current clients did. They were tired of technology providers whose service offerings didn’t match their needs and wouldn’t budge to accommodate them. So, we made everything easy. Buying Marco solutions is like having access to four easy buttons: consulting, hardware, implementation and management.


When it comes to business technology, don’t you think it would be best to just talk to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about? Of course you do, and so do we. Our consulting services connect you with someone (a real person) who has years, even decades, of experience with your industry and the technology that serves it best. Consulting can also include an assessment of your current technology as a helpful benchmark while you consider upgrading or updating your systems. Sometimes, talking to a Technology Advisor is all you need.


Hardware procurement involves choosing and purchasing all the physical items (devices, cords, switches, etc.) that become your bundled technology solution. Equipping your business with the right technology on your own can be a pain and just plain overwhelming. What brands are the best for your business? How much do you need? Are you choosing brands that your internal IT staff knows how to work with? Choosing Marco adds ease and clarity to all your questions as you make hardware choices.


Hey, hardware can be … well, hard. Purchased hardware doesn’t start supporting your business until it’s implemented. And implementation requires decisions about device placement, infrastructure capabilities and the general expertise of how everything fits together. Choosing professional implementation ensures your business technology is set up in the most successful way and aligned with your goals. It also ensures your business has the important infrastructure to support it.


With new technology chosen, purchased and implemented, all that’s left to do is maintain and manage the technology. Sounds simple, right? Maybe for experts, but many companies struggle with this part of business. The ongoing management of technology solutions ensures every device is serviced, maintained, renewed, updated, monitored and supplied. Marco’s expert solution management also includes 24/7 network monitoring, Support Desk service, data collection, data analytics, goal setting and technology advising.

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But How Does It All Work Together?

Depending on the solution you need, the approach to consulting, procuring hardware, implementing and managing will look different. Select any of the four buying options along with your desired product/service area to see how your entire print environment works together: