Cloud-Based Surveillance Systems

Security and Simplicity Can Go Together 

We can provide the hardware, software, and support to take your physical security monitoring and management to the cloud. Safeguard your essential assets intelligently with Marco's physical security as a service solution.


Cloud-based video surveillance


Marco provides the cameras and secure cloud platform to help:

  • Protect your organization, employees, equipment and data
  • Prevent and reduce chances of theft, loss, vandalism with strategic camera placement
  • Provide real-time surveillance
  • Offer safety and security of employees after hours
  • Reduce insurance costs


Video surveillance technology

IP Video Surveillance Systems Make It Easy

You’ll be able to view live footage or recorded surveillance on any smart device, from anywhere.
  • Use advanced encryption and eliminate firewall holes
  • Reduce bandwidth needs
  • Eliminate need for VMS and NVR devices
  • Employ automatic firmware updates and software patches
  • Provide access to on-demand scale storage retention policies  

Why Marco?

Next Level Security

We take a cybersecurity-focused approach to physical security as a service. You don't need to worry about anything being exposed on your network to the Internet in order to view cameras remotely.


Marco's cloud-based physical security solution is customizable for organizations of all sizes – from a few cameras to an integrated security system for multiple locations. We’ll work with you to design and install a solution that can easily grow with you.


Connect cameras to the cloud in just one click. You can also make adjustments to your system easily from your dashboard. Data is encrypted in-transit and is stored in the cloud.


Storing surveillance footage in the cloud ensures your surveillance system is always working, not just as a whole, but each individual component. The cloud always retains connectivity and can send you notifications if cameras or sites go offline.

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Need Help?

We put the power in your hands with simple management of everything from camera lighting and device passwords to analytics.