Security Without Inconvenience

You need your tools and your data to be available to your team. But the more accessible they are for your employees, the more they're exposed to cyber criminals as well. We all dream of a world where cybercrime doesn't pay, but until that happens, we must protect our environments with a security strategy that doesn't drain your productivity.

Thanks to our strategic partners, we can help develop and execute on a strategy that's tailored to the needs of your business.

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Our Products & Services

Application and Data Security

Secure your sensitive data no matter where it is stored, used, or transmitted.

Device Security

Keep your networked devices safe from endpoint threats with constant monitoring.

Network Security

Strengthen your first line of defense against breaches, intrusions, and other threats.



Awareness Training & Authentication

Let the right people access the right assets at the right time — and no one else.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Identify any current vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Cloud Security for Microsoft

Offering is perfect for organizations that use Microsoft 365 for email and file sharing.

Assess Your Security Level


Cybersecurity Checklist

Find out if your organization follows policies and procedures critical to maintaining a secure organization and a culture of cybersecurity.
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How Protected Are You?

Got a minute? This short quiz will help you understand if your workplace is following current cybersecurity best practices.

Cybersecurity Planning

Become more proactive about cybersecurity and stay ahead of current threats.

There’s no need to pay exorbitant rates for an in-house Chief Information Officer or a Chief Information Security Officer when you can borrow ours for less. We offer packages that are tailored to your organization's ongoing needs.

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Need Help?

We get it! Cybersecurity can be complicated, and Marco takes pride in offering the right solutions and expertise for your business. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.