Application and Data Security

Your Data Deserves Protection

Your ideas, your sensitive information, and your communications have value, and hackers know it. Thanks to our partnerships with leading data and application security providers, we can make sure your data is protected at all times. 

Our Approach to Data and Application Security

Email Security

Cloud-based, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to protect against spam and malware. The AI-based threat detection and anti-phishing protection helps stop fraudulent emails from reaching users. There is also an email encryption portal to stop data leaks of sensitive data


Backup your systems and replicate to an off-site location to protect your critical information. Includes regular reporting and review of backup status and system health. Marco's backup and disaster recovery solutions seamlessly scale to meet your organization's growing need for capacity, while ensuring availability and fast access.


Disaster Recovery

Near real-time system duplication to protect against an event, whether that be a disaster, security incident, or outage. Marco can help you create a disaster recovery plan that gives your business the best possible odds at picking up right where you left off.


Incident Response

No one wants to suffer a security incident but being prepared for one can help an organization recovery quickly. Let Marco help create a comprehensive incident response to enable you to regain control over your systems and data promptly when an inevitable breach occurs.


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