Cybersecurity Assessment

Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Attack? 

Staying current with cybersecurity best practices is the key to protecting your critical data and infrastructure. Our thorough assessment will uncover any vulnerabilities you may have and provide recommendations to address them.

Key Insights

Our assessment aligns with common security frameworks and provides your organization with a roadmap to address weaknesses within your environment by identifying:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Public risk posture
  • Common misconfigurations
  • Poor security practices

Why Marco?

Proven Framework

We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and CIS Critical Security Controls to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is effective.

Cost Effective

When this comprehensive assessment concludes, you’ll know exactly which improvements you should prioritize and which you can budget for later.

Expert Advice

No matter your organization’s size, you’ll have access to our team of world-class experts with decades of experience in security and incident response.

Summary & Planning

We’ll help you identify any areas of ongoing risk and give you practical advice on how to improve your security posture for years to come.

Additional Options

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests go beyond simply identifying vulnerabilities. We’ll use ethical hacking methods to demonstrate how those vulnerabilities may be exploited.

Technology Assessment

Want a clear picture of your business technology? Our IT infrastructure assessment was designed to give you a window into the technology that supports your business.


Take the First Step

Our assessment isn’t about finding fault — it’s about doing our part. We understand that cybersecurity is a specialized skill, and we’re in a unique position to have the resources (and the time) to monitor current threat levels and use what we know to protect clients like you.