Security Checklist

SMB Cybersecurity Essentials

Align with a best-practice security framework to assess your organization.

Effective cybersecurity practices start with following industry standardized frameworks, such as NIST CSF or CIS. This ensures basic security hygiene is in place and allows for accurate industry benchmarking, ongoing improvements, and awareness of current security threats.
Use this checklist to better understand privacy concerns and the policies and procedures critical to maintaining a secure organization and a culture of cybersecurity. If your organization follows the security best practice, click the box. You can also download the checklist below:
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Your Business is At Risk!

Your needs and our expertise align well. IT downtime is an expensive risk of doing business. Without the ability to maintain or restore business operations, it could result in direct losses in productivity and revenue.

Note: This is not a comprehensive security assessment

Practices Need Improvement

There are opportunities for improvement and efficiency to meet the recommended minimum cybersecurity practices. For businesses looking to solve security weak points, keep up with industry best practices and mitigate risk, here are some options:

Note: This is not a comprehensive security assessment

Practices Meeting Expectations

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. To stay current on threats or the latest news, subscribe to our Technology Insights blog. Leverage the power of industry-leading tools and Marco’s technical expertise to identify risk and improve your IT security – IdentifyIT.

Note: This is not a comprehensive security assessment

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