Our Service Commitment

Because Technology Can Be Complicated.

If we were selling paper clips, we wouldn't have to invest so much time and energy into offering premium support. Because if a paper clip breaks, chances are it won't affect your bottom line. But, if your server or your phone system or your wireless capabilities go down, it can mean huge losses in productivity and sales. Paper clips are easy. Technology isn't.

So, we offer seriously responsive client support. When you work with Marco, you'll get the distinct feeling that someone truly cares about your technology and your business. Because we do.

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Here's What Makes Marco's Client Services So Unique.

98% Live Call Answer Rate

When you call with questions, you'll get the answers you need. We consistently maintain a 98% live call answer rate. And we monitor our response rate in real time to make sure we have enough staff in place to answer your calls as quickly as possible.

Tiered Service And Support

Whatever level of expertise your call demands, we have people in place to provide timely service and support. So whether you need a simple password change or your network just got hit with a nasty virus, we'll escalate your call to the right person for the job.

97% Remote Resolution Rate

We resolve 97% of service issues remotely, right from our offices, without having to send out a field-service technician to your office space. That means quicker resolution to your issues, so you can get back to business in no time.


On-site Service from 8-5

If you need help with an issue that can't be resolved over the phone or remotely, we'll send one of our experienced technicians on-site to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, Monday through Friday, from 8 to 5.

Live Monitoring of Individual and Team Metrics

To make sure we're offering the best service possible, we continuously monitor our ticket activities, live-call answer rates and how many client services professionals are available in the call queue.

24/7 Managed IT Support Available

For even more peace of mind, 24/7 support desk support is available through our Managed IT Services from technical experts who are trained to resolve your network-related issues.

Customer Satisfaction Process

To make sure we're keeping our customers happy, we've created a customer satisfaction process that has been in place since 1994. We ask for our customers’ feedback by sending a survey to customers who have purchased a product or a solution from us within that month.  Results are measured and charted monthly to enhance our processes and continually improve our service.  Our goal is totally satisfied customers who recommend us to other organizations.