3 Ways a Managed Print Services Provider Can Save You Money on Toner

By: Marco
June 3, 2022

If you’ve been purchasing toner for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed how pricey it is and perhaps wondered why. Toner cartridges may not look high-tech, but they are. They are made to fit your printer perfectly and dispense a precise amount of toner without leaking. Furthermore, toner itself is made from materials that are often hard to come by and difficult to work with. Toner can be expensive, and yet many otherwise budget-conscious workplaces turn a blind eye to this frequent purchase.

90% of North American companies don’t track their print costs and aren’t aware that printing is typically one of their largest expenses, after rent, payroll, and other business utilities. Not only can a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider typically save you up to 30% on your overall printing costs and boost your printing security, but they can also save you a tremendous amount of money just on toner alone.


Get the Right Cartridges for Your Machines

One of the biggest causes of inefficient toner usage is using the wrong cartridge for your printer. Less efficient cartridges and refill alternatives can be a huge problem for your budget as well as your printer. These cartridges are often priced at a bargain, but you’ll often spend more time and money because your bargain toner will run out rapidly or is low quality. Many refill alternatives aren’t much better.

Managed Print Services ensures you use each cartridge to its full potential so you get the most value for the money you spend on toner. And, because toner shipment is automated (more on this in a minute) based on the levels depicted on your printer(s), you’ll receive the right cartridges, in terms of quality and price, when you need it.

Save Time and Money With Automated Delivery

Hoarding up a large amount of toner cartridges is one way to avoid running out. However, long-term storage might not be kind to your cartridges, and you might end up having to discard expensive supplies if they’re exposed to heat, light, or cleaning materials.

There’s a better way to have the right toner cartridges on-hand whenever you need them, without your staff having to constantly monitor toner levels or scramble to order supplies. An MPS provider can track when your printer is running low with the help of print management software, and will automate delivery of a new cartridge.

Optimize Your Print Settings for Better Performance

Did you know you might get 27% more mileage out of your toner if you were to simply switch your default font? An MPS provider can help you set up your default print settings to optimize performance for the work you’ll be doing so your toner is being used efficiently. You’ll still be able to generate high-quality images and copies, but without breaking the bank.

Get More Tips From an MPS Provider

If all of that sounds good, just wait…it gets better. An MPS provider also offers additional cost-saving and workflow-enhancing benefits that are unique to each business's goals and printing requirements. To learn more about how an MPS provider like Marco can help your business protect your sensitive data and save money, download this free eBook. Or start saving even sooner by talking with a Marco print expert.

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