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What Is Zero Trust Anyway?

There are a lot of people talking about Zero Trust these days, and along with that, many misconceptions about what it truly is. In many cases, it’s promoted as the magic bullet that will cure all of...



Marco was founded in 1973 by Gary Marsden and Dave Marquardt and began as a small typewriter shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The “Mar” in their last names were what inspired the name Marco to take shape. Within four decades, the small typewriter shop has evolved into one of the top five technology providers in the nation. Terry was instrumental in helping Marco develop the first professional sales-oriented business development group designed to increase Marco’s penetration into new areas, boost revenue and support pre- and post-acquisition initiatives. In addition to managing the business development team, Terry also books appointments for Marco prospects and customers in our mid major accounts as well as for our enterprise account team. Before joining Marco in 2012, Terry worked as a Sales Manager at Life Time Fitness for six years. He was promoted to Senior Sales Manager in 2011, overseeing five of their clubs. While at Life Time Fitness, Terry received several awards including: the Artistry Award for the Lakeville Club, Artistry Award for the TOP Club - Crosstown Life Time Fitness, and Artistry Award for Sales - Crosstown Life Time Fitness.
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February 5, 2024 | 5 min. read

How To Fix Common Business Printer Problems

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Microsoft Copilot Is Live!

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Your Guide To Choosing a New Office Copier/Printer

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The Pros and Cons of Subscription Based Software

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6 Useful Cloud Collaboration Tools for Business

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The Importance of Recycling Toner and Ink Cartridges

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What You Should Know About Kyocera’s Print Production Inkjet

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Cisco’s Small and Medium Business Technology Solutions

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What You Really Need To Know About Data Backup Solutions

Do you feel lucky? If your business is located in the U.S., you should. In 2022, the incident rate for ransomware a…