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How to Optimize Your Print Environment Step-by-Step

By: Marco
March 20, 2023

Remote work — love it or hate it, it probably saved your business quite a bit of money in print costs. And if your workers have returned to the office, they’ve probably brought their old, wasteful print habits back with them. 

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VoIP vs. UCaaS

By: Chris Darr
March 17, 2023

These tools are often discussed as if they’re almost identical. They’re not, but because UCaaS includes VoIP calling, it can get confusing if you’re just comparing features. 

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Important Cybersecurity Terms

By: Josh Jeffries
March 15, 2023

You may have noticed that technology folks speak quickly and use acronyms almost constantly. What can I say? It’s probably all the caffeine. But if you come across a new term now and then, it’s not just you. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, so even IT pros will run across a …

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Vendor Due Diligence: 101

By: Jennifer Hemmah
March 13, 2023

When many IT pros think about cybersecurity, they tend to focus on potential risks within their organization’s systems, software, and staff. But even if your business has excellent cybersecurity hygiene, that may not be enough to prevent a costly data breach or other forms of cyb…

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Are Print Costs Killing Your Bottom Line? Read This

By: Marco
March 9, 2023

Unmanaged print costs typically account for 1 – 3% of an organization’s total revenue, and that’s not considering the dramatic price increases we’ve seen in ink, toner, and paper recently. If you’re looking to reduce your print costs, there are smart ways to dramatically reduce y…

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Top Small Business Cyberattack Vulnerabilities

By: Mike Burgard
March 6, 2023

Is your small business protected from cyberattacks? If you have to ask, the answer is probably no.  Too many small business owners still assume that their organization won’t be a target of cybercrime. But small businesses actually are highly vulnerable to cybercriminals, and it’s…

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Top Reasons Higher Education Should Consider Managed Print Services

By: Marco
March 2, 2023

Many universities choose to staff and provide help desk support internally, often employing students to manage, maintain and assist users through a work-study program.  It may sound like a cost-effective solution in theory; in reality, even the best students make a poor substitut…

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in ECM

By: Kurt Meemken
February 28, 2023

Is your organization looking for ways to improve productivity that will also boost employee satisfaction? 

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The Importance of Regular Printer and Copier Maintenance

By: Marco
February 23, 2023

Although we don’t have proper stats on this, it’s safe to assume that printer malfunctions cause more terror among working adults than spiders and clowns put together. That said, you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! 

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This New Social Engineering Scam “Fattens You Up” Before the Slaughter

By: Jon Roberts
February 20, 2023

One of the most disgusting aspects of cybercrime is just how easy it is for criminals to make a killing from it. 

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