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    5 Advantages Cloud Storage Brings to Businesses

    By: Justin Bigger
    August 6, 2020

    Cloud service and storage providers offer valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Originally thought of as more for personal use, cloud storage for business is following in the footsteps of many personal technologies adapted for business purposes. As Steve Knutson, Mar…

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    What are the Benefits of Cloud Collaboration?

    By: Mike Burgard
    July 30, 2020

    Cloud computing is a rapidly growing solution for issues related to data storage and collaboration. The "cloud" itself is simply a virtualization of resources — such as data storage, applications, servers and networks all working in unison to allow access to information on-demand…

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    How Audio Visual Solutions Impact Schools in a COVID-19 Environment

    By: Jake Vande Hey
    July 27, 2020

    A teacher was walking along the beach and she spotted a bottle in the sand. When she picked up the bottle, a Genie popped out and told her she could have one wish. "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii,” the teacher said. “But I get seasick on ships and I'm afraid to fly.  Could yo…

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    When You Should Consider Print Management Outsourcing

    By: Dan Larkin
    July 24, 2020

    Where does print management land on your list of priorities? For nearly any business or industry, effective print management can provide significant benefit. Still, many businesses treat it as little more than an afterthought. Why? Because no one has the time or passion to dig in…

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    8 Advantages Digital Video Surveillance Systems Provide Businesses

    By: Dustin Bonn
    July 16, 2020

    Once upon a time, the grainy surveillance systems that operated on analog technology represented a breakthrough in security and monitoring for businesses everywhere. But times have changed, and digital video surveillance is making analog technology obsolete. If you are considerin…

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    What are the Chances of Losing Information in Cloud Storage?

    By: Trevor Akervik
    July 14, 2020

    The cloud; if anyone's making nominations for the 21st century's top technology buzzword, let's just say I know where my vote is going. In a world where technology changes and evolves at the speed of light, somehow the cloud finds a way to stay top-of-mind and for that matter, ti…

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    Are Communication Silos Killing Your Organization?

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    June 25, 2020

    Today’s organizations ... have changed, to say the least. In the past four months, we've all adapted to new workspaces, constraints, distractions and requirements. One thing that hasn't changed is the need for employees to make quick decisions when problems arise, remote or withi…

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    5 Frequently Asked Questions about Managed IT Services

    By: Trevor Akervik
    June 19, 2020

    When I talk to clients about Managed IT for their company, a few of the same questions keep coming up. They're great questions, and they give me the opportunity to explain the value that Managed IT can bring to an organization. But if I'm getting these same questions time and tim…

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    What is Variable Data Printing? And How Does It Work?

    By: Dan Larkin
    June 12, 2020

    We've all received generic flyers or letters in the mail. Whether they're sent to your home or office, these general mailers are easy to spot and even easier to ignore. But variable data printing helps direct mail be more successful.  Here's how.

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    Having Trouble with Network Connectivity? Read this.

    By: Dustin Bonn
    June 4, 2020

    Every business runs on two types of networks: LAN and WAN. LAN (local area network) is a business' internal network. It has to do with your routers, firewall and switches. WAN (wide area network) is your connectivity to other remote sites. "Remote sites" can refer to other locati…

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