Are Managed Print Services Worth It?

By: Dan Larkin
September 5, 2022

It might be counterintuitive to think that paying for an additional service is more cost-effective than doing something in-house. So if you’ve been skeptical about Managed Print Services (MPS), you’re not alone.

But here’s why more companies have gotten on the bandwagon. Printing is expensive, and waste is rampant. 90% of companies don’t track their printing costs, but those print costs typically eat up 1 – 3% of their total annual revenue. While all MPS providers aren’t the same, Marco’s print experts are typically able to save clients 30% or more on their overall print costs.

Benefits of Managed Print

An excellent MPS provider will do more for you than you might think. In fact, if you’re looking for quite possibly the easiest way to save your boss money, make your coworkers happy, and boost cybersecurity all in one go, presenting managed print is a power move.

1. Rockstar Treatment

Print experts don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to their solutions. Every organization has different printing needs. They’ll get to know you well to understand your organization’s goals, and how your equipment and its usage can be better aligned with them.

2. Total Fleet Management

Do you know how many printers you have and what they’re being used for? It’s not uncommon for staff to be using a printer that specializes in generating high-quality images (with expensive ink) for long, black-and-white documents. An MPS provider can monitor the usage of your devices and help you address any misuse.

3. Less Work for IT Staff

A study by Gartner suggests that 50% of support desk calls are printer-related. If your IT staff often finds themselves in a time crunch, managed print services helps solve that problem too.

4. Analytics & Control

 You’ll gain an incredible amount of insight into which department is printing what and how. Are your employees using your equipment to print out their kids’ lemonade stand posters or their new novel? Do some departments not need access to color printing? An MPS provider can help you restrict unauthorized or wasteful habits.  

5. Supply Management

How much time does your staff spend ordering ink and toner? Do they ever order the wrong supplies or order too much? Have you ever wondered if a print supply invoice is legitimate? With managed print services, ink and toner levels are tracked, so before you need more, more will automatically arrive, with no additional expenses or invoices to track.

6. Predictable Budgeting

Is one of your printers about to require expensive maintenance, or worse, go belly up? With an MPS provider, you can turn a liability into a predictable monthly expense.

7. Regular Reviews

MPS providers will typically provide regular reviews, so you won’t have to guess if their recommendations and services are saving you money. You’ll know.

8. Better Security

Not all managed print providers focus on print security, but at Marco, we do[a]. Every printer that leaves our facilities will have its default password changed before it arrives at your office. When you send a printer back to us, we’ll make sure it doesn’t contain any sensitive data. We’ll also manage security updates from HP and Lexmark for you, and our dedicated print security team will monitor any emerging threats to your fleet. These services are provided at no additional cost.  

How To Find the Best Managed Print Provider

If you’re concerned about cybersecurity, or you have to meet certain regulatory requirements, believe it or not, the right MPS provider can help. I alluded to this earlier, but Marco has its own dedicated print security team and is able to offer print security services as part of its regular offering.

As one of the top three MPS providers in the country, we also have industry-specific experience that can be especially helpful for legal and healthcare entities. For example, we understand how to navigate the complexities that come with tracking print usage in organizations with additional privacy needs.

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