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    Trying Something New

    When is the last time you did something for the first time? These past few months when “our normal” was shaken up, it may have led to more firsts. I know it did for me and that can be a good thing.

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    A Humble Leader

    Some people set out to become leaders; others naturally become them. Patty Funk is the latter. She joined Marco 33 years ago as an administrative assistant before moving into marketing and eventually becoming vice president.

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    What Gets You Up in the Morning?

    As a leader, I have often been asked, “What keeps you up at night?” It’s a good question, but I prefer to be asked, “What gets you up in the morning?”

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    Does Leadership Change? Looking Back 10 Years

    This is my 10th year of writing this blog. In my very first blog, I wrote about the key principles of leadership from my perspective. I recently revisited that blog, wondering if it would still be relevant today.

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    Market Readiness: Preparing for What’s Next

    How are you preparing for a recovery? What is your market readiness? For some, it may feel too soon to ask those questions. But I’d rather be ready. So, we have a team dedicated to market readiness that has been in place for the past month. Shortly after the orders to close nones…

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    COVID-19: This is Really Hard Work

    It seems like about every 10 years a major, business-shaking event takes place that challenges us as leaders. So, when talk of a global pandemic started emerging a few weeks ago, I encouraged our leaders to settle in and get ready for what may feel like a reset.

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    Tribute to a Leader Worth Following: Todd Erne

    Over the years, I have written about leaders worth following. The leader that I’m writing about today we lost suddenly (and far too soon). I think the best way to honor Todd Erne is to continue his legacy of leadership.  

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    There’s a Right Way to Complain

    We have all had those moments when we were disappointed with a product or service. So, we typically reach out to share our feelings and seek some sort of resolution. What happens next matters. How do you handle it?

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    Cultivating More High Performers

    In every organization there are three types of performers: low, medium and high. Obviously, as leaders, we naturally want more high performers than low or even medium.

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    Delivering Difficult Messages

    When was the last time you had to share a difficult message? As a leader, it may not have been that long ago. Even if you lead the best team or high-performing organization, there will be times when you have to “talk” about the tough stuff.

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