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    Doug Albregts

    Doug Albregts

    Doug joined Marco's team as President in 2019, and became Chief Executive Officer in 2021. He is a highly respected leader in the technology industry and came to Marco with a long list of accomplishments. Doug is a coveted keynote speaker at industry events such as the Business Technology Association, Consumer Electronics Show, Digital Signage Expo, Dig South Interactive and the Copier Dealers Association. He served as a technology representative for United Nations Business Council, and he actively supports JDRF, Roots and Wings, and BlinkNow.
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    Collaborating in an Agile Work Environment

    How we collaborate has changed over the past year. In some ways, I feel like I have a higher capacity to connect with people in our company, industry and country because of the remote nature of the working world. When you take out the travel, I can be in more places. PK Kriha of …

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    Creating Relevance

    Jeff Gau wrote this blog for more than a decade, sharing his experiences, challenges and insights in over 250 posts. Jeff told me recently that when he started, he never expected to write that many. But you kept reading and reaching out, so he continued. After a successful 37-yea…

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