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Some Things Won't Change: Lessons from Our Founders

This month we are celebrating our 40th anniversary at Marco. It was back in 1973 that Dave Marquardt and Gary Marsden, which make up the “Mar” in Marco, turned their dreams of owning a business into a reality. They were IBM sales guys who purchased The Typewriter Shop in St. Clou…

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Best Moves Made: Looking Back to Move Forward

As we rang in the new year, I took some time to reflect on the best moves we made at Marco in 2012. As the saying goes, past behavior is the best predictor of the future.

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Lessons From the Mayo Clinic

I recently spent a few days at Mayo Clinic. While I wish my visit was under different circumstances, I came to appreciate their operations and learned quite a few lessons that could apply to most companies. Recognized by many to be the best in the world in their industry, you don…

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It's Time We Learn Something From Our Kids

As parents, we spend our whole life caring for, investing in and coaching our kids. The interesting part – now that my kids are older (27 and 23) – is that they are actually teaching me to be a better leader. I know people often seek to learn lessons from me as CEO of a growing t…

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Building, Moving & My Lessons Learned

When I walk into my office at our new corporate headquarters, it feels like we’ve been here for months – not days. It feels that right. The decision to build a new corporate headquarters was a journey that started over three years ago. Many things contributed to this decision, bu…

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Leadership Lessons From Mom

A life changing event a couple of weeks ago prompted me to dedicate this blog to the lessons I learned from my mom over the years. She helped define me as a person, a father, and yes a business leader. I was honored to deliver the eulogy at her funeral recognizing the wonderful l…

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Fail Forward

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Remember those words? How often do we tell it to our employees or live it ourselves as leaders? Building a culture of innovation and calculated risk taking is essential in a high-performing organization of any size. We certainly ar…

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Leadership Lessons Learned in the Military

I believe my journey of leadership began with a decision I made at the age of 18 to join the military. As a method to pay for my 4-year college education, I joined the United States Air Force. It was a bold move at the time. All my friends were headed off to college.

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