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    How We Welcome New Employees Matters

    Every month, I get to personally welcome a group of new employees and see their enthusiasm as they embark on their career here at Marco. Each time I am reminded of their expectations and our role as leaders to keep building on that momentum.

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    Employee Advisors: A New Idea for Employee Engagement

    Imagine a diverse group of your employees coming together to talk “productively” about the issues you face and collaborating to come up with better ideas.

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    What We Can Learn from the Minnesota Twins’ Turnaround

    Why are the Minnesota Twins playing so well this year (so far) after having the worst record in baseball three years ago? They went from being one of the worst teams in history to busting one record after another, and are one of baseball’s best stories this year.

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    It’s All About People and Money

    Sometimes I think we overcomplicate leadership. We create expectations for ourselves and others that can overwhelm even the best of us. Some people seek higher degrees or certifications, others participate in workshops and conferences focused on management and leadership developm…

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    Hit Over the Head with the Carrot

    During a big celebration at our family cabin over the Fourth of July, we all loaded into the pontoon for a ride. Soon after, a sheriff approached our boat, which typically isn’t viewed as fun. But this was a little bit different.

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    How to Find Team Fit

    I like to interview job candidates for certain positions within our company. I am pretty focused on one particular criteria: team fit. 

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    What Does a Good Leadership Team Look Like?

    I am often asked, “How did Marco develop its high performing culture?” My typical response is that it begins with our executive leadership team. Selfishly, we all want to be part of a fun and high-performing culture. We each do our part to make sure our functional area of the bus…

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