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    How Do You Plan for 2021?

    As organizations, we just underwent significant planning to adjust to the conditions of a global pandemic and economic shutdown. While it’s not over, it is time to start thinking about next year and how we will achieve success in 2021. Not feeling ready?

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    Market Readiness: Preparing for What’s Next

    How are you preparing for a recovery? What is your market readiness? For some, it may feel too soon to ask those questions. But I’d rather be ready. So, we have a team dedicated to market readiness that has been in place for the past month. Shortly after the orders to close nones…

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    A Fresh Look at Strategic Planning

    It is that time of year when we’re closing out the year and looking forward to 2020. We set goals to advance our organizations, initiatives to achieve them and budgets to support them. How’s your strategic plan looking for 2020 – and beyond?

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    Navigating Barriers

    On a recent trip to New York, I learned the story about the MetLife North Building. Originally proposed as a 100-story-tower, MetLife sought to build the tallest skyscraper in the world in the 1920s. Then the Great Depression hit.

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    Plan B Is OK

    We like to think that as organizations we can execute on our primary plan (Plan A) and strategies and get the results we’re looking for. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.

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    Becoming Fast Followers

    I was recently asked, “Who do we follow?” It was a challenging question. It’s common to follow the top organization in your industry or maybe even the competition. But as a company, we really don’t spend much time looking at others to emulate. When we do, we are more likely to ge…

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    How To Succeed When Your Industry is Flat

    When your industry is growing, it can be easier to remain successful and capture new opportunities. But how do you stay relevant and manage the business when the industry is flat or in decline?

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    What Makes a Bold Move

    Companies that want to accelerate their growth, be more innovative or change their culture usually need to make bold moves. It’s difficult to go beyond incremental improvements if you stay too conservative or become satisfied with status quo. A couple of obvious examples are Amaz…

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    Looking Around Corners

    Thirty years ago Marco could never have imagined a world without typewriters. This was the company’s economic engine contributing to most of our revenue and profit.  In fact, our original name was The Typewriter Shop. But the shift in technology made the typewriter business unsus…

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