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    How is Your Mental Stamina?

    So, how are you? Really, how are you? The year started out great; for many the best year ever. Then a global pandemic and racial unrest in our nation impacted all of us.

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    Cultivating More High Performers

    In every organization there are three types of performers: low, medium and high. Obviously, as leaders, we naturally want more high performers than low or even medium.

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    How We Welcome New Employees Matters

    Every month, I get to personally welcome a group of new employees and see their enthusiasm as they embark on their career here at Marco. Each time I am reminded of their expectations and our role as leaders to keep building on that momentum.

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    A Leader Worth Following: Doug Albregts

    Hiring someone better than yourself is a good leadership strategy, and it naturally elevates the entire team. The recent hire of our new president, Doug Albregts, is a good example.

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    Increasing Your Presence

    There are people who walk into a room and are naturally recognized as leaders. They seem to gain followers without even trying. They have a presence about them. Who do you know like that? Is it you?

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    Peace of Mind

    As CEO, I often get asked, “What keeps you up at night?” It is a good question to ask ourselves, especially as leaders. My answer most of the time is: not much. Does that surprise you? The reason is that I have peace of mind.

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    Does What You Wear Matter?

    There’s a move you can make to better position your personal image and brand. No matter your age or title, you can step up your dress. Most people do this pretty well, but there are a lot that don’t and may not even realize it. It’s a sensitive topic that doesn’t get talked about…

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    Top 10 Highlights of 2018

    As we look to the New Year, we spend a lot of time talking strategy and what’s next. But it’s also important to reflect on where we’ve been and celebrate the wins.

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    Hit Over the Head with the Carrot

    During a big celebration at our family cabin over the Fourth of July, we all loaded into the pontoon for a ride. Soon after, a sheriff approached our boat, which typically isn’t viewed as fun. But this was a little bit different.

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    How Do You Create a Strong Culture?

    To mark six years of my Leadership Culture Blog, I thought I would try something new – a live streamed video blog. I’ve done lots of videos, but this time we were live and unscripted.

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