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Making Split-Second & Strategic Decisions

Not all leaders are effective decision-makers. So often, I watch good intentions get stuck. Leaders can be smart, they can be insightful, they can be bold, and they can even be strategic in their thinking, and still not be decisive when it’s needed. Effective leaders make these t…

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How Do You Plan For 2021?

As organizations, we just underwent significant planning to adjust to the conditions of a global pandemic and economic shutdown. While it’s not over, it is time to start thinking about next year and how we will achieve success in 2021. Not feeling ready?

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Market Readiness: Preparing for What’s Next

How are you preparing for a recovery? What is your market readiness? For some, it may feel too soon to ask those questions. But I’d rather be ready. So, we have a team dedicated to market readiness that has been in place for the past month. Shortly after the orders to close nones…

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COVID-19: This Is Really Hard Work

It seems like about every 10 years a major, business-shaking event takes place that challenges us as leaders. So, when talk of a global pandemic started emerging a few weeks ago, I encouraged our leaders to settle in and get ready for what may feel like a reset.

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A Fresh Look at Strategic Planning

It is that time of year when we’re closing out the year and looking forward to 2020. We set goals to advance our organizations, initiatives to achieve them and budgets to support them. How’s your strategic plan looking for 2020 – and beyond?

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Plan B Is OK

We like to think that as organizations we can execute on our primary plan (Plan A) and strategies and get the results we’re looking for. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.

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Making Strategic Planning Matter

It’s planning season here at Marco for fiscal year 2017, which reminded me of what separates a good year from one that goes down in the record books. Most people would say a great year is exceeding their sales and profit goals. This is a really good indicator, but we do need to k…

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2016: The Year To Get It Right

I am ready for a new year. Last year brought significant changes to my life both professionally and personally. On the high end, we transitioned our company to new ownership and achieved significant value for our shareholders. On the low end, my wife passed away in August. A lot …

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