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    Collaborating in an Agile Work Environment

    How we collaborate has changed over the past year. In some ways, I feel like I have a higher capacity to connect with people in our company, industry and country because of the remote nature of the working world. When you take out the travel, I can be in more places. PK Kriha of …

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    Creating Relevance

    Jeff Gau wrote this blog for more than a decade, sharing his experiences, challenges and insights in over 250 posts. Jeff told me recently that when he started, he never expected to write that many. But you kept reading and reaching out, so he continued. After a successful 37-yea…

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    Leave Things Better

    A job well done means we leave something better than we found it. This never seemed as paramount as it does for me now, as I prepare to hand over the reins and retire at the end of this month.

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    Making Split-Second & Strategic Decisions

    Not all leaders are effective decision-makers. So often, I watch good intentions get stuck. Leaders can be smart, they can be insightful, they can be bold, and they can even be strategic in their thinking, and still not be decisive when it’s needed. Effective leaders make these t…

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    Should Managers be Mentors?

    High performers almost always credit good mentors for their development and success. I have had many mentors who have influenced me over the years. While I learned a lot from my supervisors, some of my best mentors were not my bosses.

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    Helping Others Make Difficult Decisions

    I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions in my career and in the past few months, they’ve only accelerated. I think I’ve become pretty good at thin slicing an issue and driving toward execution. Some of my most rewarding decisions actually are not the ones that I’ve personally ma…

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    Are You Proud of Your Team?

    Are you proud of your team? I mean really proud of your team? Executives often talk about how great their people are and even share they have the best fill-in-the-blank — finance, sales, marketing, operations….

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    How Do You Plan for 2021?

    As organizations, we just underwent significant planning to adjust to the conditions of a global pandemic and economic shutdown. While it’s not over, it is time to start thinking about next year and how we will achieve success in 2021. Not feeling ready?

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    How is Your Mental Stamina?

    So, how are you? Really, how are you? The year started out great; for many the best year ever. Then a global pandemic and racial unrest in our nation impacted all of us.

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    A Humble Leader

    Some people set out to become leaders; others naturally become them. Patty Funk is the latter. She joined Marco 33 years ago as an administrative assistant before moving into marketing and eventually becoming vice president.

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