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    Hiring Sales: Finding the Right Fit

    People at Marco often hear me say “Not much happens around here until we sell something.” As a growth company that uses direct sales as our primary method to drive revenue, it’s essential for us to attract and keep good people. One of the hardest hires we make is sales profession…

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    Recruiting Millennials Part 2: Qualities that Attract

    What makes a millennial want to come to work for you or not? It’s a question worth considering when more than one-in-three American workers today are millennials.

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    Recruiting Millennials Part 1: The Right Environment

    Obviously there has been a lot of discussion about millennials – probably as much as there is about the baby boomers on the other end of the spectrum. As leaders, we know that the future success of any organization depends on its ability to recruit, train and retain young people.…

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    What Does it Take to Get Hired?

    Job openings hit an all-time high in the United States last year and 2017 is predicted to be the best job market in years – especially for experienced workers. Millions of jobs reportedly went unfilled in America last year. Organizations just couldn’t find what they were looking …

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    How to Find Team Fit

    I like to interview job candidates for certain positions within our company. I am pretty focused on one particular criteria: team fit. 

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    Should You Hire a Client?

    We’re in the IT business and most often call on IT professionals. They become our point of contact and in many cases, we develop strong relationships with them. They get to know us. We get to know them. So naturally, when they are looking for a career change, they look to us and …

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    From College Classroom to Executive

    I recently sat in the audience as our vice president of sales accepted the Young Alumni Achievement Award from his alma mater (and mine), the University of North Dakota. That evening several of Jonathan Warrey’ s friends, family and colleagues made it a point to tell me how much …

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    Recruiting Top Talent

    I often say that when recruiting talent, I’d rather figure out how to pay a star performer $200,000 a year, than get a “perceived bargain” for $50,000 a year. You usually get what you pay for. While many may not agree, our track record would suggest the high-end performer becomes…

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    Attracting and Recruiting Good People

    Whether it’s having dinner at my favorite restaurant or enjoying a sporting event, I am always actively recruiting good people to join our organization. You never know where you will find them. Last fall while dining at a local restaurant with family and co-workers, I noticed the…

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