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    Are You Getting Crispy?

    It’s not uncommon to feel a little – or a lot – “crispy” after a busy day, week or month, especially these days. Even the highest performers, with the highest capacities, can get burned out and need a break. Those who are most successful know what they need to do to refresh and r…

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    Should Managers be Mentors?

    High performers almost always credit good mentors for their development and success. I have had many mentors who have influenced me over the years. While I learned a lot from my supervisors, some of my best mentors were not my bosses.

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    A Fun Workplace without the Workplace

    We pride ourselves on having a great place to work and people often hear me comment on the importance of “breaking the fun meter.” Then, the pandemic hit. Like many, our workforce went remote and we faced a series of restrictions. It has left leaders nationwide to wrestle with ho…

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    Try a Hybrid Approach

    I recently attended a golf tournament where the top golfer stepped up for a short chip and pulled out a club that I didn’t expect. It was a hybrid club, which is normally designed for much longer shots. He made a nice shot, leaving me to think, “I should do that.” I’m not a good …

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    Helping Others Make Difficult Decisions

    I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions in my career and in the past few months, they’ve only accelerated. I think I’ve become pretty good at thin slicing an issue and driving toward execution. Some of my most rewarding decisions actually are not the ones that I’ve personally ma…

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    Are You Proud of Your Team?

    Are you proud of your team? I mean really proud of your team? Executives often talk about how great their people are and even share they have the best fill-in-the-blank — finance, sales, marketing, operations….

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    How Do You Plan for 2021?

    As organizations, we just underwent significant planning to adjust to the conditions of a global pandemic and economic shutdown. While it’s not over, it is time to start thinking about next year and how we will achieve success in 2021. Not feeling ready?

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    How is Your Mental Stamina?

    So, how are you? Really, how are you? The year started out great; for many the best year ever. Then a global pandemic and racial unrest in our nation impacted all of us.

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    Trying Something New

    When is the last time you did something for the first time? These past few months when “our normal” was shaken up, it may have led to more firsts. I know it did for me and that can be a good thing.

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    A Humble Leader

    Some people set out to become leaders; others naturally become them. Patty Funk is the latter. She joined Marco 33 years ago as an administrative assistant before moving into marketing and eventually becoming vice president.

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