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    How We Welcome New Employees Matters

    Every month, I get to personally welcome a group of new employees and see their enthusiasm as they embark on their career here at Marco. Each time I am reminded of their expectations and our role as leaders to keep building on that momentum.

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    What Makes a Good Corporate Citizen?

    The Marco team finished 2019 by coming together to ring the bell to raise awareness and donations to support the Salvation Army – a charity that touches all the communities we serve. It stacked up to 180 hours of employee volunteering. It has become a tradition here at Marco that…

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    A Well-Run Organization

    I remember when I first bought my 1969 Mustang in 2010. It was delivered on a trailer and needed some serious restoration. I imagined it could be brought back to its original glory and once again be a beautiful classic car. I spent the time and money to restore it and make it sol…

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    A Fresh Look at Strategic Planning

    It is that time of year when we’re closing out the year and looking forward to 2020. We set goals to advance our organizations, initiatives to achieve them and budgets to support them. How’s your strategic plan looking for 2020 – and beyond?

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    Negotiating: Lessons Learned

    On a recent trip to Southeast Asia, I was reminded of the art of negotiation. In the marketplace, tourists meandered through vendor booths with many of the same or similar products. Few of the products had prices, naturally forcing negotiations.

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    A Leader Worth Following: Doug Albregts

    Hiring someone better than yourself is a good leadership strategy, and it naturally elevates the entire team. The recent hire of our new president, Doug Albregts, is a good example.

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    Why Do People Leave?

    We have a good culture. People like working here. We validate it through our annual employee survey process (93% participation rate). Almost all tell us they like and trust their supervisor, which has proven to be a key indicator of employee retention in workplace studies. We wor…

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    Good Questions Leaders Ask

    I think we all know that effective leaders ask good questions to move an idea forward, help a team get unstuck, motivate, gain buy-in and build connections.

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    Where I First Learned to Be a Leader

    I grew up in a small Central Minnesota town as the son of an auto parts salesman. We certainly weren’t wealthy, but I felt like I had everything. Growing up in rural Little Falls, I only have the fondest of memories of my childhood.

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    Who’s Your No. 2?

    Every successful leader should have a No. 2 — someone prepared to take over or step in temporarily. That doesn’t just happen. It takes intention and mentorship over time.

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