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Quota Trip Drives Sales Culture

I just returned from a week in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a group of about 100 people representing the highest sales achievers at Marco. When I was a full-time sales guy, it meant I had hit my quota and was in the top quartile of performers in the company. It’s a trip that I have …

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Don’t Spend Your Customer's Money

How are you sizing up and profiling your potential customers? While profiling is a taboo word today, it is a common business practice and it should be.

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What I Learned at Barrett-Jackson

I recently returned from the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a trip I look forward to every year. What started as an opportunity for me to connect with a co-worker on our passion for classic cars has become an annual event that now includes several of us …

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Avoid These 6 Phrases in Business

The words we use in our everyday business communication make a difference. At Marco, we have identified a series of cliché phrases to avoid. Although they may be commonly used, I don’t feel they enhance the message. In fact, I think they make the conversation too “salesy.” I have…

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Compensation: Driving the Right Sales Behaviors

I am often asked how we are able to attract and keep such great talent at Marco. Certainly, it takes a good culture. But, in a sales driven organization like ours, an effective compensation strategy is a critical component to success and growth.

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