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How To Succeed When Your Industry is Flat

When your industry is growing, it can be easier to remain successful and capture new opportunities. But how do you stay relevant and manage the business when the industry is flat or in decline?

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2016: The Year To Get It Right

I am ready for a new year. Last year brought significant changes to my life both professionally and personally. On the high end, we transitioned our company to new ownership and achieved significant value for our shareholders. On the low end, my wife passed away in August. A lot …

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Setting a Vision and Staying the Course

In the truest sense, vision is defined by the ability to see. But in business, vision is believing what you cannot see will come to be. The uncertainty with vision means it usually includes a significant upfront investment before ever realizing the intended outcome. This element …

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Establishing Leadership Goals: This will be the year I...

How would you finish this sentence: “2012 will be successful if…?” It’s not an easy question, but answering it is essential to being an effective leader. We need to identify what we want to accomplish so we can prioritize the resources needed to get there. Starting a new year bri…

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