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Should Managers be Mentors?

High performers almost always credit good mentors for their development and success. I have had many mentors who have influenced me over the years. While I learned a lot from my supervisors, some of my best mentors were not my bosses.

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Why We Make Time for Personal Retreats

Retreats are common in business today to talk strategy and have more thoughtful discussions about the future. Most often when you hear the word retreat, it involves at least several people and often times many. But there are also personal retreats, which are one-on-one. They allo…

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Do you carry a backpack or a briefcase?

I recently sat in a strategic advisory meeting for one of the largest manufacturers in our industry. We were focused on strategizing go-to-market solutions to reposition their company for future growth opportunities. I looked around the room and most of us were over 50, and sever…

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

In today’s workplace, we are constantly challenged with new products, services and techniques that impact how we conduct business. It’s safe to say, we are working in a completely different reality today than when I started my career 30 years ago. Keeping up isn’t always easy. Th…

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Mentoring Remotely

It’s no secret that I place a lot of value on mentoring as part of the leadership equation. So, when I received this question, I was compelled to respond. Dave asks: “Mentoring is a personal one-on-one interaction. How would you recommend connecting and interacting with a mentor …

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Mentoring - An Essential Part of Leadership

On the way to work every day, I call the same person: a young leader at Marco who I see great potential in. When I arrive, I stop by the desk of another – and then another. My early mornings are often spent discussing relevant business issues, strategizing on opportunities, or so…

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