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    Why Should I Care About Unified Communications & Collaboration?

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    December 5, 2018

    Before knowing why you should care about unified communications and collaboration (UCC), you probably want to know exactly what it is first. Unified communications and collaboration ties together different forms of communication for your company. From voice services to instant messaging (IM), communication services are brought together in one cohesive environment to improve how your company does their thing.

    Forms of Unified Communications & Collaboration

    Besides voice services and IM, unified communications and collaboration help you:

    • Hold video conferences on your desk computer, phone or other room-based system
    • Bring your big teams together to share their grand ideas with conferencing applications
    • Connect you and your crew to coordinate projects using team applications
    • Have user-friendly mobile applications for your smartphone or tablet
    • Receive all your messages in one spot with unified messaging
    • Know if a contact is busy or not with presence

    How Unified Communications & Collaboration Changes Your Workplace

    Why Should I Care about Unified Communications and Collaboration?

    Today's business world is hectic. Business processes always seem to be on pressure to make deadlines, and your ability to find data and communicate it with the right people, at the right time, can make or break your business. 

    Unified communications and collaboration allow you and your team stay hyper-connected, 24/7, to utilize necessary real-time and historical communications to your advantage. Additionally, with unified communications as a service (UCaaS) powered by Mitel phone systems, your organization will be able to improve their business processes. 

    Benefits of Unified Communication as a Service

    UCaaS increases your collaboration and productivity with your team in three vital ways:

    Connect Your employees Anywhere

    We live in a global market. If you're looking to leverage your best and brightest across the world, use unified communications and collaboration. This trumps the issue of geographical distance by allowing for real-time collaboration when in-person interactions aren't realistic.

    Give Them freedom of choice

    Let your employees communicate the way they want to. By adopting a unified communications and collaboration strategy, you'll eliminate the need to use specific devices or work in a set location. The dangers of Shadow IT should be enough for your company to get proactive. 

    Save time

    This is the deal breaker. Above all, your company should always strive to reduce wasted time in the workplace. Unified communications and collaboration enables real-time presence and gives your team instant access to their coworkers' availability to connect through IM, voice or video. This information found in one clean place makes it easier for you to find the right person to get your questions answered, work on a project or connect with a client.

    Why You Should Care

    Why should you care about any of this? Simple. Save time and money. This can't be emphasized enough. Studies have shown companies are able to reduce wasted time and become more efficient by reaching people the first time around, switching between methods of communication to improve how information is exchanged, reduce employee downtime and shrink overall expenses. Additionally, it extends office applications to mobile workers and gives your coworkers the ability to work from anywhere.

    Companies who implemented unified communications and collaboration tools are reported to have a 20-25 percent increase in overall productivity. 60 percent of organizations save three hours a week per mobile worker.

    With the inefficient communications strategy cost for a mid-sized company around $11,000, unified communication as a service can save your company money.



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