How Much Can You Save With Unified Communications? (Infographic)

By: Chris Darr
November 22, 2023

If you're thinking of investing in unified communications, you'll probably want to get some idea of how much ROI you can expect. Fair enough. Only…unlike most other technology solutions, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact ROI of a new collaboration suite. What price tag would you put on more innovation or reducing hierarchical barriers? How much is a less frustrating onboarding experience really worth? It really depends on your organization, your goals, and how you work. 

There are many benefits of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) that just don’t translate neatly into dollars and cents. So for the purposes of this blog, I’ve focused on the benefits that do.

Our ROI Calculator for UCaaS 

UCaaS save-o-meter

Increased employee productivity is just one benefit of UCaaS tools, and to disregard the others is to massively undersell the service. However, this single benefit lends itself to measurement in real dollars and cents.  The ROI calculator below is based on the following statistics: 

  1. Find me, follow me — a feature that routes calls to the recipient’s device they’re currently using — is estimated to save each employee 30 minutes a day.

  2. Unified messaging — which compiles communications from different apps and formats into one platform — saves employees more than 40 minutes/day. 

  3. The average number of work hours in a year is roughly 2,080 minus PTO and holidays. The average American takes 17 PTO days a year off, with 10 days of paid holidays, which means the real average number of work hours a year is roughly 1,864. Here’s the math: 
    • PTO hours (17X8) = 136  
    • Holiday hours (10X8) = 80
    • 2,080 - 136 - 80 = 1,864

Therefore, your total time savings per day/per employee should be roughly 70 minutes. Sure, we could add a few other UCaaS time hacks that may or may not be relevant to your organization, but let’s take a conservative approach and stick to these. 

Productivity ROI calculator

There’s one more simple bit of math you can do, and that’s to add up how much you’re spending on all of your communication tools — voice calling, messaging, chat, teleconferencing, webinars, and the like, and compare that cost to what you’d save by replacing all of them with just one platform. 

You might also ask your IT team how much time they spend supporting any of your other communication tools. IT hours are expensive hours, and you might find additional savings there. We’ve created an online tool to see where your IT team’s time is really going. Click the link below to use it! 

Learn How Your IT Team Is Using Their Time

How Marco’s Unified Communications Saves You Additional Time and Money

a meeting room with tons of helpful technology where someone’s giving an engaging presentation

We understand that most organizations have had to make a lot of changes to how they work over the past few years, and we have heard from many of our clients that prioritizing better communication tools has been difficult. That’s exactly why I wanted to write this blog!  

We’ve reimagined our UCaaS offering to help clients stretch their ROI even further. Our solution is built on Webex by Cisco, and includes Marco’s Certified Gold Partner support along with the ability to get additional assistance with connectivity, meeting room kits, webinar and contact center capabilities, firewalls, and more, as needed. 

Learn more by clicking on the link below! 

Marco’s UnifiedCollaboration Learn More 

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