What Are the Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service?

By: Chris Darr
October 21, 2022

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, is an integrated communications platform hosted in the cloud. Having voice calling, video meetings, messaging, and more all in one platform has always offered a number of benefits, like reducing the need for business travel and commuting while improving productivity. 

However, UCaaS has become much more popular in recent years, as it offers an elegant, comprehensive solution to some new, and some not-so-new challenges.

Six UCaaS Benefits for Organizations 

If you’ve ever tried to retrace an important conversation and combed through your inbox and various apps only to come up empty-handed, you already understand why UCaaS can help your staff work more efficiently and effectively. However, this platform has six additional benefits that are worth mentioning.

1. Less Frustration

Many modern communication tools are great at doing one or two things well, but too many of them can create a frustrating work environment and lead to burnout. One tool that can provide an excellent user experience for every form of communication can easily address this common pain point.

2. Seamless Remote and Hybrid Work

No matter where your staff works, they’ll all have access to the same set of professional, secure communication tools.

3. Better Information Integration

If you added up all of the knowledge spread across your entire organization, can you imagine what you’d have at your fingertips? Unfortunately, most communication tools that only do one or two things well have a fundamental design flaw — they tend to create information silos that aren’t shared between staff members, let alone across departments.

4. Real-Time Analytics

When should you have more staff to cover phones? What tools are being used most and when? It’s much easier to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization and make well-informed decisions with UCaaS, no matter where your staff is working or where you are.

5.  Improved Cybersecurity

Five years ago, many organizations were still reluctant to use cloud solutions because of cybersecurity concerns. However, cloud service providers typically have much better cybersecurity than most on-premises solutions. They have to be secure, and they tend to invest quite a bit of time and resources into staying that way. Today’s UCaaS providers can add additional security, like fraud prevention and encryption, to meet any compliance requirements your organization might have.

6. Better Trust = More Growth

Here’s a hypothetical: what happens if a customer calls your business, and every time they do, they have a consistent experience, they get quick, knowledgeable answers to their questions, and they don’t have to repeat the same information to every person that answers the phone? 

The answer is that your business builds a not insignificant amount of trust. UCaaS is just a tool. But it can lead to a better customer experience — a powerful differentiator that can lead to significant growth.

Which UCaaS Solution Is Right for You?

If UCaaS sounds like the fix for a whole lot of issues your organization is experiencing, you have a few more choices to make. But we can help you simplify the rest of your search. 

Our communication specialists can answer any questions you might have about UCaaS and point you toward the right solution. And thanks to our strategic partnerships, we can also offer competitive prices and best-in-class support.   

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