Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas)

Simplify Communication

Marco’s UCaaS, called UnifiedCollaboration, gives organizations access to the latest integrated applications such as real-time web and audio conferencing, mobile applications, softphones, contact center, presence and secure instant messaging. And as a hosted service, organizations hand over a significant portion of maintenance costs and all of the worry to Marco. With UCaaS, it’s easier than ever to bring together local and remote staff for face-to-face web meetings, group chats and conference calls.

UnifiedCollaboration with Webex

Our UnifiedCollaboration services are built on the reliable portfolio of Webex by Cisco software solutions and hardware devices. Our service technicians are Cisco Certified, so if you ever need help, they'll be there.

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Why UCaaS?

Marco's UnifiedCollaboration will make it easy for you to delight your customers with quick answers and a better employee experience.

Why UnifiedCollaboration? 

  • Easy to use, and accommodates every type of workplace and workflow
  • Provides a reliable, robust, and scalable platform powered by Webex
  • Includes enterprise-grade security, privacy, and data-protection
  • Audio, video and web conferencing and collaboration
  • Offers a seamless user experience

With fully integrated mobility solutions for smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop users, UnifiedCollaboration enables you to leverage powerful features and benefits of Webex.


  • Cloud-based, enterprise voice communications
  • Advanced unified communications
  • Mobile solutions - Windows, iOS and Android
  • Audio, video and web conferencing and collaboration
  • Contact center and call recording
  • Expert management and support from Marco


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Cloud Calling

Connect your team with a unified communications platform. Make and receive calls on any device - desk phone, computer, or mobile - using a single business number. With this cloud phone system, your distributed workforce stays connected through one seamless calling solution.

  • Collaborate effectively despite location.
  • Scale communications as your business grows.
  • Streamline operations with advanced analytics.
  • Choose the leading cloud calling platform and connect your team across devices, locations, and channels.
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Messaging and Teams

With an intuitive all-in-one platform, you can drive productivity and seamlessly connect teams. Experience video conferencing that's simple, flexible, and built for results. Unite your workforce through immersive virtual collaboration.

  • Share screens, annotate presentations, and collaborate in real-time from any device.
  • Advanced features like breakout rooms, reactions, and gestures encourage participation.
  • Virtual backgrounds, noise removal, and speech enhancements optimize the video and audio experience.
  • Message, share files, and co-edit whiteboards securely across your organization. 
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Need Help?

Adopting a Unified Communications strategy within your organization lets your employees communicate the way they prefer, which enables mobility and flexibility.