Case Study: How Healthcare Benefits from Managed Print Services

By: Dan Larkin
October 14, 2015

Although benefits will differ from one industry to the next, any business that operates a fleet of printers can enjoy the numerous benefits of managed print services. In the following case study, you'll learn about the benefits managed print services can provide for organizations in the healthcare industry.



About CentraCare Health


As a not-for-profit healthcare provider covering thousands of patients throughout Central Minnesota with comprehensive, high-quality care, CentraCare wanted to more efficiently manage its fleet of printers. The network at CentraCare Health consists of several locations in Central Minnesota, including hospitals, nursing homes, senior housing facilities and clinics.

How Managed Print Services (MPS) Helped CentraCare Health

Managed print services helped CentraCare Health reduce the overall size of its fleet within the first year of adopting an MPS program. With the help of Marco's needs assessment, CentraCare was able to eliminate 89 devices from its overall printer fleet, enjoying near-instant savings on maintenance, repairs and supplies for those devices.

CentraCare now operates 500 HP printers and a total of 200 multifunction devices. The streamlined printer fleet and enhanced operation of current devices has helped CentraCare save between $350,000 and $400,000 annually compared to its prior spending when control of the system was managed in-house.

Our managed print services didn't just help CentraCare Health save money, it also helped ensure that confidentiality laws governing the healthcare industry were strictly adhered to in the organization's print environment. Using PaperCut MF, CentraCare was able to ensure that sensitive documents were held in the print queue and not produced until the individual employee that ordered the job swiped an ID card to release the print.

This helped the company adhere to HIPAA laws and other healthcare regulations by controlling access to patient files, and also helped CentraCare enjoy further savings. In their 2013 fiscal year, CentraCare saved more than $65,000 in print jobs sent to devices that were never printed.

Solutions Today, Evolution for Tomorrow

Through our initial needs assessment, Marco not only helped CentraCare Health develop a MPS solution that helped them save money today, but also offered a path for evolution in the future. As CentraCare grows, their five-year print program ensures that the print environment within various hospitals, nursing homes and clinics in the CentraCare system will be able to adapt to meet the growing requirements of patients and physicians alike.

Why Healthcare and MPS Go Together

MPS is a perfect fit for the healthcare industry because it helps ensure patient confidentiality while also cutting costs. With healthcare expenses consistently rising, any opportunity for an organization to save money provides productivity advantages. Managed print programs allow healthcare providers to eliminate additional devices in the workplace that cost more to operate without sacrificing any efficiency in the print environment.

Additionally, managed print solutions can support every healthcare providers requirement to adhere to strict security policies. Software programs are available to enable providers to print with confidence. When a print job is sent, it does not print out until an ID card is scanned, ensuring sensitive information isn't sitting in an output tray.

Finally, MPS is a good fit for the healthcare industry because many organizations operate a network of facilities (making the in-house management of a print fleet more challenging). Managed print service providers can assess the needs of the organization as a whole, while also providing feedback and solutions that aid each individual locations.

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