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    5 Issues Telecom Carrier Consulting Can Solve

    By: Jeff S. Olson
    September 23, 2015

    If there is a problem your business faces that is beyond the knowledge and skill of an in-house IT employee, it’s time to turn to a consultant with the experience and knowledge to help your business clear a hurdle. When it comes to IT infrastructure and telecommunications issues, a telecom carrier consultant can help you bridge the knowledge gap within your company and right solution.

    1. Bandwidth Issues

    telecom_carrier_consultantOne of the most important factors in the performance of your telecommunications system is the amount of bandwidth you have at your disposal. Even with an impressive level of bandwidth to support your daily operations, it is possible that your bandwidth is not optimized to run smoothly with the other components of your IT infrastructure.

    This can cause a problem when it comes to staying in touch with your customer base. When your bandwidth becomes clogged by a number of different operations, performance slows down. As your performance slows down, there can be errors that impact your telephone systems such as calls not going through or calls dropping in the midst of a conversation.

    Your telecom carrier can help analyze the performance and availability of your bandwidth to determine what steps need to be taken to address errors and enjoy clear, reliable connectivity.

    2. Cost Over-runs

    A good telecommunications system operates smoothly both from a functional standpoint and from a financial standpoint. The best systems are those which provide your company with the features and accessibility needed, without providing costly extras that are rarely used or altogether unnecessary. By sitting down with a telecom carrier consultant, your business can identify the services required for daily operation, compare that services you're already paying for and determine which features can be canceled to save money.

    A a telecom carrier consultant can also help identify billing errors on monthly invoices and overage charges that are unwarranted, saving you additional money on your monthly telecom bills.

    3. Support Business Growth

    There are always technology pains that come with business growth. A telecom carrier consultant can help your business chart a clear connectivity path by comparing your business goals with the level of features needed to help your telecom network support your growing business.

    The assistance of a telecom consultant could be even more beneficial if your company is expanding outside of its home region for the first time. Do you know which services and features you'll need to establish reliable lines of communication with national consumers? A telecom carrier consultant can help you analyze your national growth and suggests features required to maintain adequate communication with remote customers.

    4. Connecting New Customers

    As your business grows, so does the need to provide a secure connection for your customers. Reaching out to new customers and working different regions requires secure connections, not just in terms of reliability, but data security as well. If your internal IT staff aren't sure the best path to follow, telecom carrier consultants can advise your business on security protocols and the bandwidth needs to support reliable connections for your diverse customer base.

    5. Evolving Business Plans

    All new companies start with a business plan that provides an outline for the company to follow from its intital startup to successful years operation. However, business plans require occasional revision as your industry and consumer desires change. In many cases, businesses consider moving some IT infrastructure and applications to a cloud provider.

    The question most face is, which services should move to the cloud? Do you look to shift just some software to the cloud, or your entire IT infrastructure? Telecom carrier consultants can help you determine which cloud services offer your business the best balance between performance, security and affordability.


    From start to finish, a telecom carrier consultant spends time getting to know your business, your operational requirements and the services you need to provide for your customers. After analyzing these factors, your telecom carrier is better positioned to help you tackle these five common issues.


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