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    4 Business Phone System Headaches You want to Avoid

    By: Chris Kadoun
    March 24, 2016

    The telephone might seem antiquated with mobile phones, chat systems and video conferencing tools available, but there will always be a need to pick up the phone and directly connect with someone else. You'd think after decades of use, we would have mastered the use of business phone systems, but you'd be wrong. The following are four common headaches your phone system is no doubt causing you at work.

    1.) System Upgrades/Updates

    The vast majority of business phone systems currently in use rely onMARCO_Blog_Mar16_4PhoneSystemHeadaches.jpg software to one degree or another. Whether your business uses handsets on a VoIP network or is entirely hosted online, with softphones and unified communication features, there is software involved in the successful deployment and operation of your phone system.

    This is the first major headache most companies face. Software is great, until it doesn't work properly. A lack of upgrades or updates is often the root cause of software malfunctions, and staying on top of those changes is bothersome. If your business has in-house IT, it's their job to monitor for available updates/upgrades and apply the appropriate ones to your system.

    For most, this becomes a headache when IT is distracted with other issues around the office (printer connectivity, network downtime or CPU failures) and simply find it hard to monitor for available updates/upgrades.


    2.) End-User Training

    Modern handsets have made significant advancements since the good ole rotary-dials. Your employees can't be plunked down at a desk with a phone and left to their own devices. In order to properly manage features such as voicemail-to-email, voicemail-to-text and video conferencing, training is required. This again falls on the shoulders of your busy IT department, if you're lucky enough to have in-house staff.

    It isn't just your new employees that require training. Every update or upgrade you face creates a secondary headache when you have to train your current workforce on new features or operation of devices.

    3.) Equipment and Service Cost Increases

    Generally speaking, as technology improves and gains wider adoption, prices go down. However, investing in the latest and greatest handsets and software programs comes with a cost. Sometimes this cost can be overwhelming for an individual business working directly with a provider.


    4.) System Reconfiguration

    Whether your company deals with seasonal changes in demand, growth in capacity or simply faces office relocation on a one-time basis; adding new lines, handsets or altering service can be more than just a headache.

    If these headaches sound like a familiar result from trying to manage your own business phone system, you should know that there is an alternative. Managed voice from a reliable provider can help bring an end to all of these frustrations.

    Managed Voice from Marco

    At Marco, our goal is to remove the headaches involved in the management of your business phone system. We offer a solution to each of the headaches mentioned above by providing you with high performance managed voice that gives your business exactly what it needs in a phone system, at a price you can afford.

    Managed Voice from Marco includes service that covers equipment selection tuned to meet the demands of your business, worry-free installation from trained professionals and on/off-site support from more than 580 certified systems engineers and technical reps from Marco.

    Included in our services, you'll enjoy a guaranteed renewal option that allows you to upgrade your equipment when you need to. We'll take the burden off your hands by not only providing free software upgrades (monitored and installed by Marco), but also free web-based training for all your current, new and temporary employees to get them up to speed.

    Most importantly, we offer full-service warranties, guaranteed rates for expansion and risk-of-loss coverage to help control your costs so you can enjoy the business phone system you need without breaking the bank. Contact a Marco representative today to start soothing those phone system headaches with managed voice services.

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