Contract Pricing

So — What’s Included in a Managed Print Services Contract?

With the increasing popularity of Managed Print Services, there are many options for businesses looking to purchase this offering. Understanding a provider’s pricing model will tell you not only how you’ll pay for the service, but also how the service will be available to you and your business. Here at Marco, we price our Managed Print Services based on the number and type of devices you have. We believe this approach enables our customers to access contract pricing that aligns with their specific needs every time.

All-You-Can-Print Services

Our unlimited print model contract pricing is based on your print and copy devices. When someone mentions DaaS (Device as a Service), pay-per-device, unlimited print, or All-You-Can-Print Services they’re referring to the same thing. With All-You-Can-Print Services, print volume and number of users create the basis for determining your contract pricing. The type and number of devices you have are the primary indicators of your investment in the service.

The unlimited print model eliminates the need to collect meter readings. This can be particularly beneficial to those with hundreds, even thousands, of print devices and organizations with many different locations. With unlimited printing, businesses can easily budget for invoices, as there are no fluctuations based on print volume. That means your organization won’t pay more for the service during times of heavy use. You’ll only see a difference when devices are added or subtracted. No wonder companies find it easy to budget for MPS with All-You-Can-Print-Services. 

Managed Print Services Contract

What’s Included in a Managed Print Services Contract?

Our Managed Print Services offering is a comprehensive program that’s designed to remove obstacles for our customers, not create them. Our offering includes usage monitoring on all devices, supplies, equipment maintenance, equipment replacement and Support Desk assistance. All of these offerings are included with Managed Print Services, meaning our customers are never charged or invoiced separately.


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