Why Upgrade to HP Latex?

By: Jeff Vetter
November 29, 2022

Not every professional printing business needs an HP latex printer. But if you want to grow your business without cutting costs — and be kinder to the earth while you do it — it’s an upgrade worth considering. 

While every business is unique, here are some of the top reasons I recommend HP Latex printers for print professionals.

7 Reasons To Consider the HP Latex 700/800 Printer Series 

It’s hard to argue about the many advantages of latex printing when it comes to durability and versatility. HP in particular has the market cornered on image quality and reliability, and there’s no better way to up your game than with HP’s 700 and 800 series. 

1. More Options in One Device

HP latex printers excel at producing scratch-resistant images. But with these new models, you have more options. For example, you can choose to add additional durability during the printing process with an overcoat, or if you’re planning on ultimately laminating a print job, you can turn the overcoat off. 

2. Get the Whitest Whites

HP’s R-series incorporated amazing white ink technology, and HP wisely has also included this capability in these models. These whites are the most opaque in the industry, they don’t yellow, and HP printers are specifically designed to conserve white ink. You can easily remove white print heads when they’re not needed. 

According to a Keypoint Intelligence study, white ink can increase your average gross margins by up to 30% by adding more depth and realism to your images when you use any of the following modes: 

Underflood Mode

By printing a white layer beneath your image, you can add white elements to transparent materials. 

Overflood Mode

By printing a layer of white ink over transparent materials, you can bring out more eye-catching details. 

Spot Mode

Use white ink to outline an image or add highlights. 

3. Add More Fine Detail

These printers have 50% more nozzles than previous models, which means better coverage at higher speeds, and a 17% smaller dot size. You’ll get more coverage and more detail using less ink.

4. Print on More Materials

HP latex printers greatly expand your ability to print on more materials, and because they’re better for people and the environment, your finished products can be used in more settings, including restaurants and healthcare facilities. However, in the 700 and 800 series, HP further expanded the boundaries of latex printing by revolutionizing their curing module and ink set to require less heat. You’ll be able to use more delicate papers and thinner vinyl. 

5. Increase Your Speed

Thanks to more nozzles and pigment per ink drop, the 700 series has twice the speed of the 500 series, and the 800 is 2.4 times faster.

6. Add More Sustainability

HP’s latex inks are water-based and produce no HAPs or unpleasant odors. However, HP has made another great leap forward in sustainability with its new ink cartridges that reduce plastic by 80%; the little plastic its cartridges do contain is made up of recycled, ocean-bound plastic. As ink cartridges are a significant source of pollution, I hope to see other manufacturers doing the same in the future. HP also has sourced over 50 eco-conscious print mediums for your use. 

7. More ROI All-Around

With increased speeds, more eye-catching images, better working conditions, and more flexibility from adding one device, you’ll be able to say yes to more in-house print jobs, add more high-paying print jobs, and create a more pleasant, less toxic working environment for your staff.  

Why HP Latex From Marco?

Because HP is one of our strategic partners, we can offer you highly competitive prices and best-in-class support. 

We also add an additional layer of security that other providers don’t. Every printer that leaves a Marco facility will have its default admin password updated to a unique password for your company, and yours alone. 

If you have any additional questions about HP Latex printers, let us know! Our experts are well-versed in the needs of professional printers and can speak to you in plain language about how an HP latex printer can make a huge difference for your business. 

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