The Benefits Of Latex Printing With HP

By: Jeff Vetter
February 21, 2022

Every smart business owner understands the fundamental importance of differentiating their business from the competition. To differentiate a business, generally speaking, you must offer a lower price, superior products, highly unique products or better service.

Many businesses try to focus on price point, but a race to the bottom can be a very dangerous game that ends up hurting everyone, including your own business. Offering a better, more convenient consumer experience has been a source of significant disruption recently, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. But if you own a printing business, you might consider offering a highly unique product: latex printing.

Latex Printing, In A Nutshell

Latex printing works a bit like solvent printing, in that they both use print heads to distribute water-based inks. But that's about where the similarity ends. Latex ink printers use latex as the carrier for color pigments, and that simple switch brings phenomenal advantages.

latex printing with HP

Latex printing is water and scratch-resistant, and can even withstand a number of chemicals. Vibrant colors and clear graphics can be produced with no additional drying time, and don't need lamination for short-term use.  Latex printing can also produce an astonishing assortment of products that are less toxic for human beings and more environmentally friendly.

HP latex inks lead the industry in this regard, as well as a few others: they're almost completely odorless, non-flammable, and contain around 70% water. And because HP latex inks are better for people and the environment, their end products can be used in more places, for example, restaurants, retail and even healthcare settings. HP also offers a take-back program, so it's easy to recycle used supplies and materials.

Production On Latex Printers

Depending on which type of latex printer you purchase, you could produce the following items for your clients:

  •         Branded graphics and wraps for vehicles
  •         Soft signage
  •         Outdoor signage, including building wraps
  •         Window blinds
  •         Banners
  •         Backlits
  •         Fabrics
  •         Fence wraps
  •         Flags
  •         Garage doors
  •         Stickers and labels
  •         Store fronts
  •         Textiles
  •         Flooring
  •         Trade show and retail display materials
  •         Wall coverings and murals
  •         Window graphics
  •         Customizable clothing
  •         Packaging materials
  •         Thermoformed prints

Like any other piece of cutting-edge technology, latex printers (and wide-format latex printers) are not all the same. And in general, you tend to get what you pay for. HP latex printers are widely respected for a few reasons, including their suite of pragmatic, environmentally-friendly inks. However, the machines themselves have a few additional benefits to consider.   

Why Buy HP?

Image Quality

The durability of latex printing is incredible. But if the image quality itself is poor to begin with, how long it lasts becomes less impressive. HP printers are known for consistent image quality, and delivering crisp, professional results that you and your clients can be proud of.


Business owners often mention versatility when they're asked why they prefer HP printers. HP latex printing technology can be used with over 500 different materials.  To put it bluntly, if a client wants it, it's likely an HP latex printer can get it done, and quickly.  

Ease Of Use

HP latex printers are dependable, and are also designed to make routine maintenance fast and easy. Plus, there's a handy app to help monitor your HP printer and job status, so you can multitask.

Any latex printer worth its ink is a significant investment. It makes sense to invest in the one that will most differentiate you from your competition, and allow you to respond to the most print jobs with an enthusiastic, "Yes!"  However, if you have any additional questions about what a latex printer can provide for your business, or which one to buy, Marco is a trusted HP dealer, and can help with sales, service and more! 

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