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    Use Print Tracking Software to Reduce Printing Costs in Your Business

    By: Dan Larkin
    July 26, 2018

    In many businesses, printing costs are unknown and/or unmanaged. And in most cases, this means that there is room for improvement. Luckily, there are tools available to streamline print cost management.

    Reduce Printing CostsPrint tracking software can be securely installed on a print server or network PC to help determine if an organization's printing needs are being handled efficiently and cost-effectively. It can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

    1. You are unsure of what your printing costs are
    2. You’d like to determine if your printing costs could be reduced
    3. You’d like to identify and eliminate inefficiencies while streamlining print workflow

    Learn Critical Information about Your Devices

    Print tracking software, like PaperCut, easily determines the make, model, print volume, supply usage and locations of all printers within your fleet. This application gathers critical data that can, through analysis, help you reduce your printing costs and streamline workflow.

    Typically, print tracking software is installed on a network, then it collects information for a set number of days (5, 10, 30, etc.) to allow the software to accurately capture enough data to assess the organization's typical printing habits.

    Opportunities for Improvement

    When assessing the data, there are a wide variety of data points and elements of interest to be reviewed, but we commonly see the following opportunities for improvement in most businesses:

    1. Supply Usage

    Inefficient supply usage is one of the most costly printing expenses. From unnecessary printing (volume and color) to ineffective inventory control, printing supply costs can easily escalate.

    2. Machine Placement

    Although an unusual opportunity for improvement, the placement of your printing equipment can affect workflow and productivity. It is important for machines to be placed throughout your office to support the printing needs of your employees. The machines should be placed nearest to those who use it most frequently, but outside of main work areas so it isn’t a distraction.

    3. Inefficient Devices

    Devices that are at the end of their life, or lack the necessary features to support office productivity, should be replaced or moved to lower print demand areas. Whether it’s the cost of supplies or maintenance frequency, they are costing you money or loss in productivity.

    Collaborating with an Expert

    Print tracking software can be installed within any business. And working with a provider can make your efforts even more impactful. They will assist you with installation, data analysis and developing initiatives based on your organization's data. They can recommend the proper equipment, effective placement throughout your office and maintenance and support to continually keep your print costs under control.

    Print costs are likely not at the top of your priority list, but printing is a necessary tool for most offices. That’s where Marco's expertise comes in. We have staff members that are literal print experts with years and decades of experience. Print is their priority – and they do it well. Together, we can determine your needs, define an effective solution and save you money in the process.

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