The Top Reasons to Buy a New Printer in 2023

By: Marco
February 3, 2023

If it's been a while since your print environment has had an upgrade, your current devices could be costing your business much more than the price of a new printer. The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is often true. But when it comes to printers, “If it ain’t broke, it still might represent a significant risk to your business” is probably more accurate. 

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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider New Printing Equipment in 2023

1. Your Printers Are Old

Old, outdated printers can add hidden print costs. They typically require more maintenance and energy. Newer printers and copiers are more efficient in terms of energy use. Also, when print devices are around seven or eight years old, their manufacturers typically stop making replacement parts. This can make fixing an older printer an expensive pain.

2. Your Cost-Per-Page Is Too High

As print technology evolves, they become more efficient in their use of toner. Toner is a big expense, so the ability to use less toner when you print can significantly lower your cost-per-page.

3. Your Devices Are Single Function

Multi-function printers allow users to print, scan, fax and copy, and are an excellent way to reduce energy expenses and save space. 

Additionally, scanning documents straight to email or straight to a folder in the cloud can be done with newer print technologies and can eliminate a lot of extra steps.

4. Your Employees Are Frustrated

When printing is an essential part of your job, and your printers don't work properly, it’s stressful and frustrating for your employees. It could also impact your bottom line.

5. Your Print Security Is Almost Nonexistent

Networked printers add convenience, but they can also add potential entry points for hackers if they’re not properly secured. Printing equipment that’s over seven years old is simply not equipped to ward off today’s cybercriminals. If Print security hasn’t been on your organization’s radar, it’s perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider upgrading your equipment in 2023. 

Pro tip: when you get your new equipment, be sure that either your dealer or your staff updates its default admin password.

Not Sure If You Need a New Printer?

If you're wondering if you can safely get another good year or two out of your printing equipment, it’s okay to ask a pro! 

At Marco, we often find that these conversations contain a bit of good news for our clients, even if new equipment is needed. Odds are that the cost of a new printer can be partially offset by eliminating the hidden costs of old equipment. And with our strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clients the best possible price. 

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