Print Statistics That Have Been Freaking Out Your IT Team

By: Dan Larkin
September 15, 2023

There are various reasons why managed print services (MPS) have become so popular: It reduces workplace frustration, improves productivity, and reduces print costs, just to name a few. But in this blog, I’ll focus on how your print environment affects your IT team in measurable ways. 

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers…

Managed Print Statistics You Need To See

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Want to make a strong case for managed print, but your previous arguments haven’t been working? Feel free to use these! 

IT Print stats

The Benefits of Managed Print for IT Teams

You’ve probably figured out from those stats exactly why more IT teams are trying to push companies to adopt managed print services. But for the record, here’s their reasoning: 

  • They’ll be able to spend their time on things that are more valuable for your company, like helping you strategize for growth or protecting your data 
  • Managed print can help them move out of a break/fix cycle and into a more proactive model of IT
  • Many IT teams are understaffed and overwhelmed. Managed print services is one way to relieve some of the pressure that can lead to more talent attrition
  • Unsecured printers are a significant cybersecurity risk. Getting help from a provider that specializes in print security can be a huge relief 
  • There may be IT people out there who find fixing printers to be an especially rewarding, enjoyable part of their job. But if this Reddit thread is any indication, this task is best left to print and copier technicians 

Managed Print Providers Do More Than Manage Print

It Pays To Go Green

Not every MPS provider is the same, but the right provider can do much more than just help you save money on print costs or help your IT team reduce their workload. They can also help you meet sustainability goals, maintain regulatory compliance and — believe it or not — even boost recruitment efforts for higher education. It all depends on your organization and what you want a provider to help you accomplish. 

But as they say, if you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. I find that most clients assume that if this service is so great, it’s probably beyond their budget. But that also depends on your provider and their pricing model. Ours is designed to make sure companies pay for only what they’re using, which makes it surprisingly affordable for small to midsize organizations. 

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