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    Improving Productivity and Workflows With Managed Print Services

    By: Marco
    August 14, 2015

    Workflows foster collaboration because they help people manage project tasks by simplifying business processes in an organization. This helps create consistency, improve efficiency and productivity by helping employees adhere to these processes within departments, across departments and in businesses with multiple locations across a region or country.

    Printing is a common task that exists within the workflow of almost all organizations. Having the right print technology can make this task better, easier and faster. For example, multifunction printers offer capabilities to streamline common, time consuming tasks performed on a regular basis – like printing addresses directly on envelopes rather than handwriting or using a label.

    In addition to supporting print devices, Managed Print Services (MPS) will assess your organization’s existing workflow and productivity, ensuring you have the proper equipment in place to optimize efficiency in the office.

    Implementing an Effective MPS Program

    In most situations, Managed Print Services will include the management of a combination of printers, scanners and multifunction devices. Your solution will be based on recommendations after the initial on-site assessment. After assessing your organization’s workflow, your print provider will identify which equipment and processes your office requires to function more efficiently. For example, a recent organization of 10 employees implemented MPS and received one large multifunction device for general printing needs, a high quality scanner for storing digital documents and a small desktop printer for administrative use.

    Under an MPS agreement you receive routine maintenance and support from your provider. This support guarantees the continuity of workflow efficiency. For example, multifunction printers can be monitored by your print provider through software installed on your network, allowing for detection of issues often before anyone in your office realizes they exist.

    Immediate Results with Managed Print Services

    Your team will notice immediate improvements to processes and workflow when an MPS program is implemented. This is largely due to proper placement of office equipment.

    Placement of print technology is based on office layout, employee-to-device ratios and user print requirements. Because of the experience they have, print providers can quickly determine proper equipment and placement to optimize your productivity.

    Longer-term improvements will be felt after the installation of device monitoring software. This software will collect data that will be analyzed and reviewed with you by your Managed Print Services provider. Multiple software applications are available that can help your organization streamline operations, reduce overhead costs and minimize supply waste.

    MPS in Action

    Most of us can relate best to the true benefits of this program by looking at real scenarios. Consider the organization we touched on earlier. This organization had a group of cross-functional team members, in one area of the company, using one device. The assessment revealed the following:

    • The Creative team of 3 had the need to scan and digitally store high-quality images and marketing tools – much more than the current device could handle.
    • The Marketing team of 3 used the printer for daily interactions and frequent reports and presentations. These reports used a lot of toner and paper, and often required unique finishing options which were previously completed manually.
    • The Accounting team of 4 printed in small volumes and rather infrequently. And they were the furthest from the device’s location.

    After the assessment was complete, the recommendation was as follows:

    • For the Creative team: A recommendation was made for a desktop scanner that was conveniently placed for those who use it most frequently.
    • For the Marketing team: No personal devices were recommended, but a multi-function device would support the unique needs of the team.
    • For the Accounting team: A smaller desktop printer was recommended to eliminate the need to walk a long distance to retrieve their documents.
    • Overall, this organization required a centrally located multifunction device that could handle high volume projects as well as single documents for these 10 team members. Additionally, the multifunction printer provided them with finishing options, such as stapling, sorting, hole-punching, folding and more, which eliminated employee time required to finish these tasks manually.

    Take a closer look at your workflow with a print provider by requesting a free technology assessment and see how Managed Print Services could benefit your organization.
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