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    Break/Fix vs. Managed IT

    By: Dustin Bonn
    November 6, 2018

    Before making the switch to Managed IT Services, many businesses follow the legacy model of procuring IT support, which is known as break/fix. In working with customers, what I find interesting is that many of the businesses consuming support in a break/fix model aren’t necessarily aware that that’s what they’re doing.

    What is Break/Fix?

    Break/fix is a reactive model for managing business technology needs. With a break/fix approach, solutions and support are sought out only after a problem occurs (or something breaks). Due to its reactive stance, break/fix is well-known as one of the least efficient methods of managing business technology. If you’ve ever waited – or been made to wait – for something to break or cause problems before seeking a solution, you’ve experienced the break/fix business model. As a reactive approach to managing IT-related needs, break/fix occurs in every area of industry.

    Break/Fix vs. Managed IT

    With the advancement of tools, procedures and analytics, The legacy break/fix model is becoming less and less valuable and less of a focus for many IT companies. So why do so many businesses continue to follow this model? In part, I think it’s because they haven’t evaluated their options within the marketplace or perhaps think this is the most affordable route. As an alternative to the break/fix approach, we suggest Managed IT services. Many of our customers are curious about how these different models compare. Here’s a basic rundown of break/fix versus Managed IT Services.

    Break/Fix vs. Managed IT

    While break/fix is one method of problem-solving, it leaves plenty of room for improvement. Managed IT Services is a model for managing business technology needs that takes a proactive approach. Instead of waiting for issues or problems to occur and then taking action, the Managed IT model assesses all current business technology and the way it is structured to ensure it is set up to run more seamlessly. This includes assessing your:

    • Server infrastructure
    • Network infrastructure
    • Internet infrastructure
    • File sharing and storage
    • Internal and external security
    • Applications
    • Firewall
    • Email systems
    • …and more

    Post-assessment, all areas are assessed for risk and action items are put in place to work toward ensuring all areas of risk are at the very least up to industry best practices. And with Managed IT Services, that’s just the beginning.

    Marco’s Managed IT

    Marco’s Managed IT is ideal for businesses looking to mitigate risk, optimize their technology and keep up with compliance standards – especially as those standards grow and evolve within your specific industry. Once all the groundwork is set, Managed IT Services uses 24/7 network monitoring  to uncover and solve issues long before they turn into problems. Instead of waiting for things to break, Marco’s Managed IT Services identifies vulnerabilities and repairs them before your end users even notice something is off. That’s the power of Marco’s Managed IT. Ready to learn more? Get started with a technology assessment:

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