3 Ways UCaaS Strengthens Your Business Communication

By: Chris Darr
November 2, 2023

It’s easy to minimize the impact of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). In many respects, it’s just a grouping together of all forms of business communication. But as it turns out, grouping those under one platform does quite a bit

UCaaS helps your staff stay organized, respond quickly, and be confident they’re not missing out on important conversations. It helps level the playing field between in-person and remote workers, flattens hierarchies, and helps facilitate quicker decision-making. All told, it's a powerful service for business communication, and its capabilities are expanding all of the time.

Here are three UCaaS qualities that first-time users benefit from right away...

More Resiliency

knocked down phone lines

Your current phone system is vulnerable to any number of outages, from storms to inattentive drivers knocking out power lines. It’s easy to imagine the damage to a business when customers can’t get through, and employees can’t communicate internally. 

With UCaaS, your phone system is housed within the cloud, making it more reliable, more available, and far less vulnerable.

Better Scalability


Remember when you had to worry about a million different variables with any IT installation? UCaaS eliminates that. 

As you add employees and your company grows, UCaaS responds immediately with all the tools you need. Plus, because UCaaS is priced per user, you’ll know exactly how much your monthly investment will change as your organization grows. In reality, it's as simple as deciding what your needs are and letting UCaaS get you there.

Reduced Capital Expenditures

In both the long-term and the short-term, UCaaS can dramatically change how much you spend on your IT tools. Instead of buying, installing, and managing tons of hardware, software, and applications, businesses can purchase UCaaS through a monthly subscription fee. 

Let’s take a look at the financials around business communication and, more specifically, UCaaS solutions: 

And by working with a single vendor, you only have to deal with one support company, and you only have to pay one invoice. 

How Does It Work?

woman thinking about UCaaS

I still get this question a lot. Many clients have a history with IT systems, and often they have had to build a lot of their solutions themselves. They had to know how everything worked because, eventually, they would need to install, fix, or replace major parts of the system. 

One of the great things about UCaaS is that businesses don’t have to worry about how it works; they just have to decide if they'd like to use it. Customers aren't responsible for managing, troubleshooting, or maintaining UCaaS. 

Instead, a provider like Marco will build, maintain, and deliver the service, and you can get on with your work, effectively shelving any and all concerns about how the system actually works.

How To Unlock the Most Benefits of UCaaS for Your Business

Can we just say it’s been a rough few years for most businesses? We understand that many businesses are still adjusting to remote and hybrid work and are overwhelmed with other concerns, like keeping up with cybersecurity threats

Many UCaaS platforms are similar — at least on paper — but our UnifiedCollaboration solution is built around Webex by Cisco, an industry leader when it comes to user experience, third-party integrations, and analytics capabilities. Along with Marco’s support, our offering makes it easy for clients to upgrade their AV capabilities and get additional help with connectivity issues, so it’s easier to provide a fundamentally better experience for teleconferencing from anywhere — including in the office.  

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