Your IT Security Checklist

By: Marco
April 2, 2020

Business disruption, loss of revenue, loss of information and fear of public disclosure alongside changing public disclosure laws are all reasons why businesses are paying attention to cybersecurity. And one of the difficult things about cybersecurity is this:

Chain links made of network pointsWhat needs to be done and the order of execution is going to be different for every business.

With so much variability business to business, what can be done?

This got me thinking about what could be done to help business owners who aren't sure how to stay safe from cyber criminals. Where could they start? If performing risk assessments around network and cyber security is more or less new to you, what's a business owner to do? When you're looking for an entry point into keeping your business safe from cybercriminals, start with this network security checklist

IT Security Best Practices

I started putting together a list of IT security best practices that would be of benefit to any business owner, regardless of the size of their business. It used to be that cybercriminals mainly went after larger companies, but that is no longer the case. Now, small and medium-sized businesses are the most likely target of these efforts. Why? Because cybercriminals know small- and medium-sized businesses are less likely to have multiple layers of security.

As a way to help businesses, I turned my list of best practices into an interactive cyber security checklist for others to use. It’s a list of things owners and key stakeholders can do to benefit their businesses. Checklist items include: 

  • Password policies
  • Equipment tracking
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Securing devices — physically and digitally

The checklist includes advice, tool recommendations and general guidance on keeping your business more secure. Feel free to use it to audit and assess your current IT security practices. If the items on the checklist aren't being done within your company, I strongly urge you to change that. 

Get Your Cyber Security Checklist

One of the top things on the minds of today’s business leaders, board members and IT staff is the risk of what a cybersecurity event might bring to the business. We have more and more business leaders asking the question: How do we protect ourselves? 

Use this checklist for your own business, and share it with any other business owners, key stakeholders or IT department heads in your network. This free checklist is downloadable and printer-friendly. To access your copy, click below:

Access Security Checklist 

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