You Can Choose A Mitel Phone System On A School-System Budget - Here's How

By: Marco
February 16, 2022

Choosing a Mitel Phone System on a School-System BudgetOne of the toughest balancing acts for decision makers in the education field is the task of upgrading technology throughout the district, while staying within budget and meeting the purchasing process requirements. School districts have strict guidelines when it comes to updating and upgrading equipment, but when the time comes to choose a phone system, there are solutions that make it much simpler for schools to acquire the technology necessary to remain effective.

In terms of telecommunication, there is a way your school district could upgrade to a new Mitel phone system, without sacrificing services or your budget. With the help of Sourcewell, an affordable and effective phone system is within your reach.

Sourcewell’s Role

Sourcewell is a municipal contracting agency operating as an organization within the federal government. Sourcewell's role is to create a national cooperative of providers and dealers to provide government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations with purchasing solutions that meet the requirement for an open competitive solicitations process, while offering excellent and affordable products and solutions.

In order for these groups to benefit from the Sourcewell process, all they need to do is become members of the agency. Fortunately, Sourcewell membership is free and comes with no obligation or liability - and as I've mentioned before, your organization might already hold a Sourcewell membership. Plus, purchases made through this membership have no minimum contract requirements or commitments. Additional benefits of membership include:

  • Satisfying your competitive solicitation requirements
  • Streamlining the competitive solicitation/contract collection process
  • Securing aggressive and competitive pricing from dealers
  • Accessing exceptional products and service offerings from industry-leading vendors
  • Choosing the equipment, product and services that you need
  • Saving both time and resources

Why Choose A Mitel Phone System?

Mitel phone systems, as part of a wider business communication solution, are an excellent option for any school district, not just because of the quality of the products and services, but because so many districts are already experiencing success with them. Here's an example

Mitel telecommunication products and services deliver the flexibility and simplicity to suit school systems of all sizes. The company is an industry leader in business collaboration and is well known for innovation and reliability. A Mitel phone system provides feature-rich phones that enrich collaboration applications in any environment. Sourcewell realized the value of Mitel products and services, and has awarded the company with an exclusive contract as the provider of telecommunications, wireless and related equipment and services to eligible organizations.

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